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September 2024

Monday September 2nd 2024 00:00 Thursday September 5th 2024 00:00

SPE WORKSHOP: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Polymer Informatics

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June 2024

Monday June 3rd 2024 00:00 Wednesday June 5th 2024 00:00

SPE WORKSHOP: Controlling Energy Use in Plastics Processing

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May 2024

Monday May 20th 2024 00:00 Friday May 24th 2024 00:00

SPE WORKSHOP: Fundamentals of Plastic Material Selection

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April 2024

Monday April 22nd 2024 00:00 Thursday May 2nd 2024 00:00

SPE WORKSHOP: Failure in Plastics

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March 2024

Monday March 25th 2024 00:00 Wednesday April 3rd 2024 00:00

SPE WORKSHOP: Troubleshooting Single-Screw Extruders

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February 2024

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