GreenMantra: Advancing Molecular Recycling

GreenMantra transforms polyethylene and polypropylene waste into valuable synthetic additives, helping manufacturers reduce costs, enhance product performance, and increase recycled content incorporation.
GreenMantra transforms polyethylene and polypropylene waste into valuable synthetic additives, helping manufacturers reduce costs, enhance product performance, and increase recycled content incorporation.

Domenic Di Mondo, President of GreenMantra Technologies, spoke to Plastics Engineering Magazine at NPE 2024 about the company’s innovations.

The company is transforming polyethylene and polypropylene waste into valuable synthetic additives, setting new standards in sustainability and efficiency within the recycling industry.

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Molecular Recycling: A Unique Approach

The company focuses on molecular recycling, breaking long plastic molecules into shorter chains. Additionally, this method operates at lower energy levels and yields high results, producing specialty synthetic additives. Various manufacturers use these additives to enhance performance, improve processing efficiencies, and drive product sustainability.

“Our technology takes long-chain plastic molecules and produces specialty synthetic additives with low energy and very high yield,” explained Domenic Di Mondo. These additives are essential in asphalt roofing, paving, and industrial plastic products, providing significant environmental and economic benefits​​.

Partnerships and Technological Advantages

GreenMantra collaborates with mechanical recyclers to handle underutilized waste streams and secondary products, adding value throughout the recycling chain. Furthermore, the company’s molecular recycling technology diverts materials from landfills and reduces dependency on fossil-based additives.

“We partner with mechanical recyclers to take in those streams and produce specialty synthetic additives,” said Di Mondo. This partnership allows GreenMantra to process a broad range of materials, including different colors and contamination levels, without compromising the quality of the final product​​.

Applications and Benefits

GreenMantra’s additives are used in various applications, from roofing shingles to extruded plastic corrugated pipe. These additives help manufacturers reduce costs, improve product performance, and increase the incorporation of recycled content.

For instance, these additives reduce asphalt’s viscosity, allowing manufacturers to incorporate more filler and recycled content in roofing materials.

Additionally, they improve asphalt’s temperature performance, making roofing shingles more durable during high-temperature installations.

“We were able to create additives that allowed roofing manufacturers to lower the viscosity and increase temperature performance, thus increasing the longevity of the shingles,” shared Di Mondo​​.

Future Growth and Opportunities

Looking ahead, GreenMantra aims to expand its product offerings to include other specialty chemicals and commodity products. The company sees significant potential in producing monomers, naphtha, and functionalized polymers in addition to its current line of synthetic waxes.

“We have a platform technology, and our goal is to grow our business and be a leader in specialty chemicals,” Di Mondo noted. GreenMantra is poised to remain a key player in the sustainability and recycling sectors​​ by continuing to innovate and adapt.

Educational Initiatives and Overcoming Challenges

One of the main challenges facing molecular recycling is public perception. GreenMantra actively educates stakeholders about the benefits and differences of molecular recycling compared to methods like mechanical recycling and incineration.

“Molecular recycling is not just pyrolysis; it’s a suite of different technologies. Our goal is to educate the world on molecular recycling and its role in creating circularity for plastics,” emphasized GreenMantra’s President.

Finally, GreenMantra leads sustainable molecular recycling, offering innovative solutions that enhance recycling processes and product performance. Additionally, through strategic partnerships and technological advancements, GreenMantra drives the future of sustainable manufacturing in the recycling industry. Their commitment to education further supports these efforts, ensuring ongoing progress and innovation.

By Juliana Montoya | July 3, 2024

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