Revolutionary Design for eBikes at Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Reevo, a new way of conceiving bicycles.
Reevo, a new way of conceiving bicycles.

Dubai’s Museum of the Future stands as a beacon of innovation, showcasing revolutionary technologies and visionary concepts shaping our collective future.

Within its sleek walls lies a sanctuary of exploration, offering glimpses into tomorrow’s possibilities. A dedicated floor unveils the future of mobility, featuring prototypes from renowned brands like Audi and Volkswagen alongside other pioneering developments.

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A New Way of Conceiving eBikes

The evolution of bicycle wheels has been remarkable, driven by the quest for lighter materials to enhance athlete performance while maintaining safety and comfort. Manufacturers currently provide tires made from alloys and composite materials such as reinforced carbon fiber. Furthermore, pioneering advancements incorporate structural aerospace foam cores, as seen in the Essentia 40 wheels by Corima, showcasing the continuous innovation in wheel design. In addition to these technological advancements in wheel design, one standout exhibit at the museum is Reevo, a company founded in 2017, dedicated to addressing modern mobility challenges through design and technology. At the museum, Reevo unveils an eBike with a disruptive design, featuring the patented “Hubless E-Drive” technology.

This innovation reimagines bicycle wheels, departing from traditional designs by eliminating spokes. The wheel comprises two concentric parts: a stationary inner section and a moving outer part that propels the eBike forward. Both components are made of woven fiber composite, along with bearings facilitating rotation.

Injection of Polymers into the Bicycle’s Housing

Reevo’s frame development involves using the 6000 series aluminum alloy treated for increased strength and durability. Additionally, a housing with molded polymer encapsulates the aluminum frame, protecting against crashes. An anti-UV additive safeguards against sunlight degradation, with the option for up to four paint colors.

This futuristic design exemplifies the fusion of materials science and design, offering alternative solutions that transcend convention. It underscores the boundless potential of polymers in enhancing daily life. Moreover, Reevo’s eBike not only boasts innovative engineering but also emphasizes sustainability. By providing a zero-emission mode of transportation, it aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change. The Hubless E-Drive technology contributes to increased energy efficiency, maximizing the bicycle’s range and usability.

By Rogerio Gomez | April 1, 2024

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