Industry Collaboration on Innovative Circular Food Packaging

Industry Collaboration on Innovative Circular Food Packaging

Collaboration among GreenDot, Ineos, Irplast and Amcor leads to launch of film packaging made with recycled plastic.

In a groundbreaking initiative, companies along the flexible food packaging supply chain have united to introduce a new food packaging solution crafted from 50 percent-recycled plastic, meeting stringent food contact standards.

Launched in late 2023 in the United Kingdom and Ireland for Sunbites, a PepsiCo-owned snack brand, the innovative packaging employs an advanced recycling process, complementing mechanical recycling. This approach ensures compliance with rigorous European Union regulatory requirements for food-contact applications, including sensitivity and medical devices.

Collaborative Efforts Across the Supply Chain

The development of the circular packaging involved a collaborative effort among industry leaders:

  • GreenDot (Germany): Procured postconsumer plastic packaging scrap, transformed into pyrolysis oil (Tacoil) using Plastic Energy’s technology.
  • Ineos Olefins & Polymers Europe (London): Utilized pyrolysis oil as an alternative to traditional fossil feedstock to produce recycled propylene, then virgin-quality recycled polypropylene resin in Lavera, France.
  • Irplast S.p.A. (Italy): Transformed the recycled resin into biaxially oriented PP films (BOPP), meeting food contact and performance requirements.
  • Amcor (Switzerland): Converted the films into printed packaging, ensuring technical performance for PepsiCo.

Archana Jagannathan, Chief Sustainability Officer at PepsiCo Europe, emphasizes the significance of sustainable packaging solutions. The launch of Sunbites packaging marks a milestone in PepsiCo’s mission to eliminate virgin fossil-based plastic in crisp and chip bags across Europe by 2030.

Certification and Regulatory Compliance

The recycled polymer content is certified under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus) scheme, aligning with upcoming EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) targets. The innovative packaging exemplifies the role of advanced recycling technologies in achieving the EU’s recycled content objectives for plastic packaging by 2030 and reducing total emissions.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact

Rob Ingram, CEO of Ineos Olefins & Polymers Europe North, underscores the importance of advanced recycling in creating materials suitable for demanding applications. The collaboration highlights a step forward in packaging circularity, leveraging diverse solutions to accelerate sustainable practices.

By fostering collaboration and embracing innovative technologies, the industry sets a precedent for responsible stewardship and eco-conscious packaging solutions.

By Plastics Engineering | March 25, 2024

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