Screwless Plasticating Extruder Advancing Polymer Processing

A groundbreaking screwless plasticating extruder is paving the way for single pellet extrusion in polymer processing. Drawing inspiration from the innovative gerotor gear pump, this novel design features a rotor with multiple lobes situated within an eccentric cavity.

Dynamic Polymer Flow

The eccentric configuration generates dynamically formed volumes with varying compression ratios, driving the flow of polymer material. Precise clearances between the rotor elements and cavity walls regulate shear stresses, melting rates, mixing, and recirculation ratios, ensuring a uniform and homogeneous melt.

Enhanced Throughput and Melt Pressures

By incorporating multiple pumping stages, the extruder can significantly increase the rate at which polymer material is processed. Each pumping stage adds additional pressure and force to propel the polymer through the extrusion process, resulting in a higher throughput compared to traditional single-stage extrusion systems.

Proven Feasibility

Both modeling simulations and experimental trials validate the feasibility of this innovative design. The results showcase its capability to streamline polymer processing, offering enhanced efficiency, and reliability.

With its pioneering approach to polymer processing, this screwless plasticating extruder marks a significant advancement in the field of plastics engineering. Its ability to achieve single pellet extrusion promises improved productivity, quality, and performance in polymer manufacturing processes.

David Kazmer will speak on the screwless extruder at ANTEC 24To learn more on this topic, attend ANTEC 2024 in St. Louis. David Kazmer, Professor, University of Mass Lowell will be presenting, “A Screwless Plasticating Extruder Towards Single Pellet Extrusion“, on Wednesday, March 6.

By Plastics Engineering | February 20, 2024

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