Maximizing Injection Molding Simulation

Injection Molding Simulation.
Injection Molding Simulation.

Injection molding simulation has already achieved a high level of precision.

Industry leaders’ recent collaboration promises enhanced precision in material data, elevating manufacturing efficiency and quality standards. The accuracy of material properties in simulation is not just a technical detail; it’s a cornerstone of manufacturing efficiency and product quality. The recent strategic partnership between SIGMA Engineering and Momentive Performance Materials underscores this truth, aiming to revolutionize the reliability of process simulations for silicone elastomers.

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The gap in accuracy

Injection molding heavily relies on precise simulations to predict material behavior under various production conditions. Traditional methods, however, often fall short. Standardized laboratory values, while useful, do not adequately capture the complex behavior of materials like silicone elastomers during the molding process. This gap in data accuracy can lead to inefficiencies, quality issues, and increased costs.

To bridge this gap, the collaboration between SIGMA Engineering and Momentive addresses this challenge head-on. Their goal is to enhance the material data used in simulations, taking into account the impact of processing parameters that were previously overlooked. This advancement promises to improve the reliability of simulation results dramatically, thereby optimizing the molding process.

Thomas Klein, Managing Director of SIGMA Engineering, emphasizes the value of such partnerships in creating market advantages. By pooling expertise and resources, SIGMA and Momentive aim to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in material simulation.

More precise material data leads to more accurate simulations

Supporting this view, Holger Albrecht, Vice President and Head of the Elastomer Business Unit at Momentive, highlights the direct benefits of this endeavor. Moreover, more precise material data leads to more accurate simulations, particularly in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) processing. This precision is not just a technical win; it has tangible benefits for companies in the silicone processing industry. Enhanced simulation accuracy can unlock significant optimizations in manufacturing processes, leading to cost savings, improved product quality, and increased production efficiency.

In conclusion, the SIGMA-Momentive partnership is a testament to the importance of accurate material properties in injection molding simulations. By refining these properties, the industry is poised to witness a new era of efficiency and innovation in manufacturing.

By Juliana Montoya | February 3, 2024

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