B.I.G. Yarns Advances Automotive Interior Sustainability with PET BCF Yarns

B.I.G. Yarns, a new European producer of PET BCF yarns for automotive carpet
B.I.G. Yarns, a new European producer of PET BCF yarns for automotive carpet

Meeting Eco-Design and Recycling Goals

B.I.G. Yarns has successfully completed initial industrial production runs of virgin polyester BCF yarns, strategically expanding its support for high-end automotive interiors. This addition complements the existing line of polyamide PA6 superior yarns and aims to meet the increasing demand for sustainable materials in the automotive industry.

The automotive market is witnessing a surge in PET for interior applications, offering automotive OEMs and Tier 1 the opportunity to develop eco-designed, 100% recyclable MONO-polymer carpets and flooring. These materials play a pivotal role in enhancing End of Life (EOL) recycling, especially for electric vehicles that are shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Key Features and Performance

The newly introduced PET BCF yarns deliver high-performance characteristics essential for automotive carpets. These include abrasion and stain resistance, durability, and compliance with stringent automotive tests such as the Taber test, compressibility and recovery ability tests, light fastness, and VOC (fogging) emissions.

With color solution dyeing capabilities, dTex ranging from 1300 to 1500, and ideal compositions for various mats and molded carpets, these PET BCF yarns cater to a spectrum of automotive interior needs. The yarns are designed to meet the weight specifications for mats and molded carpets, ensuring versatility in application.

B.I.G. Yarns now stands as a one-stop-shop for three types of Solution Dyed BCF carpet yarns for the automotive industry: nylon (PA6), polypropylene (PP), and polyester (PET). The company strategically positions itself to help carpet manufacturers meet their sustainability targets, providing a range of yarn options to align with diverse industry needs.

Anticipating robust growth in the automotive carpet market, driven by increasing demands for customization and hygiene awareness among consumers, B.I.G. Yarns is committed to supporting manufacturers in introducing innovative and sustainable products.

As the automotive industry shifts towards circularity, B.I.G. Yarns emphasizes the importance of making informed material choices for eco-design and recyclability. The introduction of PET BCF yarns reflects the company’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

B.I.G. Yarns invites industry professionals to explore its SustainableYarns and engage with the monthly Catch The Color initiative. By fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability, B.I.G. Yarns aims to inspire new opportunities and contribute to the evolution of automotive interiors.

By Plastics Engineering | January 15, 2024

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