SPE Seeks Knowledgeable Professionals for Educational Programs

SPE Instructor for Educational Programs

Are you a knowledgeable professional with a passion for sharing your expertise in an impactful manner?

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) invites you to join their team of instructors as they develop educational programs and workshops for their audience of plastics professionals seeking to enhance their work skills and abilities.

Instructors will lead workshops that break the mold, offering unique perspectives and insights that resonate with their audience. Instructors will bring innovative ideas that can help drive interest in educational programs, while introducing novel and relevant topics, ensuring content is fresh and aligned with current needs, interests, and trends. 

Ideal Candidates 

  • SPE is seeking instructors who are comfortable speaking/teaching to a technical audience and are experts in their respective fields, including professors, former professors, consultants, and professionals with extensive plastics industry experience. 
  • Authors are also welcome. If you’ve authored technical articles for various publications, academic and scientific journals, or have written technical books, your unique perspective and insights are highly valued. 

Potential Topics 

SPE is especially hoping to identify subject matter experts in the following areas: 

  • Artificial Intelligence: Delving into the development of new materials, enhancing polymer processing, and exploring recycling solutions. 
  • Regulation: Examining potential bans on materials or additives, as well as the implications of single-use plastics restrictions. 
  • Chemical Recycling and Advanced Technologies: Exploring innovations in chemical recycling and other advanced technologies for sustainable plastic practices. 
  • Biopolymers 
  • Failure Analysis: Understanding the root causes of failures in plastic processes and products. 
  • Troubleshooting in Extrusion/Injection Molding: Strategies to address challenges and optimize these critical manufacturing processes. 
  • Additives: Exploring the role and impact of various additives in plastic manufacturing. 
  • Quality Control in Plastic Plants: Implementing effective quality control measures to ensure product integrity. 
  • Cost Management in Plastics: Strategies for cost optimization throughout the plastic production lifecycle. 
  • Life Cycle Assessments and Sustainability in Plastics: Evaluating the environmental impact of plastic products from production to disposal. 
  • Eco Design in Packaging: Discussing sustainable design practices in the packaging industry. 
  • FDA Approval for Plastic Medical Devices: Navigating the procedures and considerations for obtaining FDA approval in this specialized area. 
  • FDA Approval for Food Contact Recycled Plastics: Exploring the intricate processes and technologies involved in gaining FDA approval for recycled plastics in food contact applications. 

Have a topic you are passionate about? SPE is also open to your ideas! 

How to Apply 

Instructor positions are not full-time and are not considered employees of SPE. Submit your proposed workshop idea/concept, highlighting its uniqueness and relevance. 

By Plastics Engineering | December 12, 2023

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