Energy Management Systems – Getting Started

Energy Management Systems – Assessing Performance

There will be no progress in managing energy use unless it is on the Management Agenda. If energy use is not visible and measured then there will be no improvement. 

Every site needs an ‘Energy Policy’ – a statement of commitment on energy use. This should include improvement targets for the short, medium and long terms. This policy can be part of the ‘umbrella’ Sustainability Policy. The policy should be widely distributed to encourage awareness of the costs and benefits of energy management. 

Energy management should be the clear responsibility of Production because they control most of the energy use. An ‘Energy Manager’ can only act as the scorekeeper and the process should be driven by Production. Funds and time should be allocated to carry out management projects. 

Monitoring and targeting (M&T) are fundamental for energy management. A lot of data is probably already being collected but management is not about data, it is about providing information to target improvements. Targeting is the key action – what gets measured gets done!


  • Create and distribute a formal site Energy Policy. 
  • Assign clear responsibilities for management. 
  • Gather initial data and convert this into information to manage site energy use. 
  • Use the performance information to target improvements. 
  • Publish performance information widely. 

Dr. Robin Kent is the author of ‘Energy Management in Plastics Processing’, published by Elsevier and Managing Director of Tangram Technology Ltd. ( ), consulting engineers for energy and sustainability management in plastics processing. 

By Robin Kent | November 16, 2023

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