Hennecke Rounds Out New PUR Foam Metering Machine Line

The Topline MK2 is the final addition to Hennecke’s Next Generation series of high-pressure PUR metering machines.
The Topline MK2 is the final addition to Hennecke’s Next Generation series of high-pressure PUR metering machines. Courtesy of Hennecke GmbH

Addition of Topline MK2 model expands capabilities and efficiency of foam metering

Foam processing specialist Hennecke Polyurethane Technology GmbH has unveiled the Topline MK2 high-pressure PUR metering machine, the final entry in its Next Generation series of such units. Following introduction of the Ecoplus MK2 in 2022 and the Highline MK2 earlier this year, the Topline MK2 rounds out the company’s Next Generation series. The model is designed to offer flexibility and to adapt to complex process requirements with use of optional modules.

Hennecke, of Sankt Augustin, Germany (U.S. office is in Bridgeville, Pa.), says the design and construction of the Next Generation metering machines was one of the company’s largest development projects of the last 75 years. “The product portfolio in the area of high-pressure metering machines was not only optimized and improved, but completely revised and rethought in a long development process under the aspects of energy efficiency, sustainability, productivity and digitalization,” says Patrick Brüninghaus, product management director.

Development of the Next Generation portfolio is based on the Hennecke Production System (HPS), a lean concept that links individual production areas to enable synchronized, waste-free throughput oriented to a customer’s cycle. The extremely short delivery times Hennecke cites in the standard range of Next Generation machines would not be possible without HPS.

The Topline MK2 is for all PUR applications including raw material systems that require exact temperature control. It is also designed for automated applications such as furniture production, seat foams and automotive roof modules. It can be a stand-alone unit or used in system configurations where high quality, high throughput and process stability are required, as well as automation and scalability.

“The Topline MK2 is the basis of a range of large-scale production systems which often include several metering machines at the same time,” says Brüninghaus.

New Model Handles Over 80 Percent of Applications

In designing the new generation of high-pressure metering machines, engineers analyzed diverse applications among users. The Topline MK2 covers more than 80 percent of all common applications in its basic configuration.

“We’ve put an emphasis on customization in the Topline MK2,” says Jens Winiarz, senior sales director of metering and composites. Thanks to the multi-platform design, there are no limits to options, meaning a wide variety of applications can be realized. Maximum flexibility in adapting to specific requirements makes the Topline MK2 the choice for custom processes and special applications.

The machine processes almost all PUR raw materials and can be adjusted for features such as higher or lower raw material temperatures as well as special raw material systems like those with high viscosity. The unit has as standard the TS5evo temperature control which ensures powerful and constant regulation even under difficult processing conditions.

The Topline MK2 can be equipped with 10 mixheads. All Hennecke mixheads can be used, from the MT 3 for low-output and low part weight, to the MT 36-2 for extremely high output, multi-component mixheads such as the MT-A 22-4, the MN series for spray applications and the new MT 12-3 CC for fast color change.

Modular Unit Has High Flexibility

The modular machine can be upgraded with options. Its multi-platform design means larger tanks with volume of up to 1,000 liters are available for large-scale production, and 60-liter tanks for smaller components or quantities.

The Topline MK2 accepts all Hennecke peripherals that are used in raw material systems, thereby enabling diverse properties in finished components. Peripherals include Pentamat for metering flammable blowing agents such as pentane; Lambdamat for metering non-flammable blowing agents; Carbomat for CO2 loading of polyols; Aeromat for gas loading of polyols; and Vacumat for efficient degassing of raw materials during production of compact components without air pockets. Future peripherals will connect to the unit.

The model is also flexible in use of its boom: instead of a standard 3-meter boom, booms with longer reach or automated mixhead handling through robotics are available. For automated production, the unit uses optional motorized edge filters, which significantly reduce maintenance. Another option is flow measurement by a mass flow meter, which automatically measures the density of raw material without the need for manual input.

The Topline MK2 benefits from Hennecke’s Blue Intelligence technology, which is a package of measures for mechanical, hydraulic and thermal efficiency. This includes components to reduce pressure loss; automatically determine pump lead times; smart standby timers; and efficient pumps. “Energy savings of up to 50 percent are possible in the standard configuration,” adds Winiarz.

The Topline MK2 also includes Hennecke’s latest generation of nozzles, which are engineered for metering accuracy, mixing quality and maximum efficiency.

The innovative HX pump generation, one of the first axial piston pumps developed exclusively for PUR applications, is also available on the Topline MK2. It is characterized by an optimized pump housing that enables maximum bearing flushing due to a new bearing seat. This allows efficient heat dissipation and prevents reactive media from heating up. That provides advantages in resistance, especially to chemical attack by polyols. The pump also features significantly improved suction behavior, an advantage when using highly viscous polyols.

Redesigned Foam Control Software Uses IoT Connection

Meanwhile, the redesigned Foamatic control software and integrated Blue Intelligence technology provide high savings potential as well as positive scores in sustainability. Operation of the software is via a high-resolution 12-inch human-machine interface with modern and intuitive visualization. Other smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones can be connected with optional WLAN connectivity.

A major focus of the Foamatic software is efficient use of energy and raw materials. The software has settings to adjust standby, lead times or temperatures and thus achieve process savings. In addition, the Topline MK2 enables connection to the Internet of Things with the standard Foamatic-IoT equipment feature. The acquisition and storage of extensive process data offer customers broad capabilities for evaluation, early detection and prevention of problems, and predictive machine maintenance.

Since the Next Generation software for all high-pressure metering machines is from a single source and uniform across all models, switching between the individual series is convenient for users. “This is a great advantage for increasing production and for companies with several locations, including in different countries.

By Pat Toensmeier | September 27, 2023

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