Bausano Readies Innovative Extruder Drive System and Novel Heater for PLAST

Overhead photo shows the induction coils of the Smart Energy System wrapped around an extruder barrel.
Overhead photo shows the induction coils of the Smart Energy System wrapped around an extruder barrel. Courtesy of Bausano

Nextmover twin-screw extruders feature Multidrive technology and induction coil barrel heating

Extruder specialist Bausano, of Turin, Italy, will be among companies exhibiting at PLAST in Milan, Sept. 5-8. High on the company’s list of process developments is the Nextmover line of counterrotating twin-screw extruders and an electromagnetic induction heating array called Smart Energy System that the company says is more powerful and economical to use than conventional ceramic band resistance heaters.  

Plast is usually a triennial show, but September’s edition will be the first in five years, due to the COVID pandemic forcing cancellation in 2021. As such, it will allow Bausano—and other exhibitors—to highlight technologies and applications that were developed since the last show, and which are commercial.  

At the core of the Nextmover line of extruders is an innovative assembly of transmission, motors and control analysis tools that deliver “production efficiency, sturdiness, reliability and sustainability,” said Alessandro Ruotolo, R&D and test manager, in response to emailed questions.  

The transmission system incorporates Bausano’s Multidrive (MD) technology, which reduces stress on motor shafts, gears and screws due to a distribution of the torque strain on two pairs of motors, Ruotolo explained. “This results in higher screw power, which is equal to the power delivered, and a positive impact in terms of precision and energy savings. Compared to traditional systems, the distribution of motion also reduces the chance of faults due to excessive stress on mechanical components and ensures a longer average service life of the machine.”  

The two pairs of motors are managed by a single static frequency converter, which is engineered for constant rotation and synchronization without use of additional devices.  

MD Nextmover extruders are available in nine sizes, from the MD30 model with 30mm-diameter screws and L/D of 19 or 30mm up to the MD170, with 170mm-diameter screws and 24 or 28 L/D.  

The Smart Energy System (SES), which is included on MD Nextmover line extruders (and other machines), uses an alternating electromagnetic field generated by induction coils wrapped around the barrel to rapidly apply heat. Ruotolo said this is a faster and more efficient method of heating, and “guarantees top performance by significantly reducing component wear and energy consumption by up to 35 percent.” This last is a special benefit considering the potential for rising energy prices over the life of an extruder.  

SES is based on an integrated thermoregulation process that enables contactless cylinder heating. SES is also available for single-screw extruders, including the E-GO series, for the production of polyolefin pipes, and the E-GO R series, for the reintroduction of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics waste into the production cycle.  

Bausano says that unlike ceramic band heaters, the SES coils won’t wear out, thus reducing component replacement costs.

By Pat Toensmeier | July 27, 2023

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