Date: June 25, 2013 - 11:00 a.m.


Thermo polymer webinar 1-23-13Attend this webinar and learn new ways to analyze the challenging polymer samples you may encounter in your daily work.  This webinar will explore some of the common, as well as more advanced Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) analysis methods that are useful for QC control, testing, or deformulation studies required to solve difficult polymer materials problems. The applications presented in this webinar will focus on Far-infrared and Near-infrared analysis techniques, as well as coupling an FT-IR spectrometer to thermogravimetric (TGA) instruments for particularly difficult polymer deformulation studies.  Some of the topics discussed in this webinar include:

• Using Far Infrared to analyze inorganic additives
• Combine Raman with FT-IR to get more information on orientation and additives
• Classification of polymers with Near-infrared analysis
• FT-IR coupled to TGA for deformulation studies

FT-IR spectroscopy is a widely used technique for laboratory and industrial analysis throughout the polymer industry.   We will show how flexible the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™50 FT-IR spectrometer can be in developing data and analyzing polymer samples. 

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Dr. Todd Strother joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2007 as a spectroscopic scientist specializing in Near Infrared and FT-IR applications in industrial settings.  His special area of interest was using these instruments in biopharmaceuticals and control of bioreactors.  Currently, Dr. Strother is the Product Specialist for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s FT-IR products and accessories where he has an expanded role in infrared analysis in research and industrial settings.  He is very familiar with the use of vibrational spectroscopic techniques in the polymer industry as well as in foods, coatings, pharmaceuticals, and other fields.   

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