A building’s design is often determined by its function. Many structures, including airports, commercial buildings and schools, need protective canopies to provide shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, adding this ‘function’ often comes at the sacrifice of design. Thanks to the new Sleekline™ canopy system from Duo-Gard Industries Inc. incorporating Covestro LLC polycarbonate sheeting, this is no longer the case.

Recognizing the need for a protective canopy system that took into consideration the design of the structure, Duo-Gard set out to create just that. Using its knowledge and experience with daylighting systems, Duo-Gard began the engineering design and modeling on a narrow profile metal system. It then called on the technical expertise of Covestro and its understanding of the functioning of its high-performance Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet.

Covestro Makrolon

“We collaborated with Duo-Gard for this application, sharing not only our materials knowledge but also performing load analysis on the canopy system at our applications lab in Pittsburgh,” said Thomas Niziolek, architectural segment manager – Polycarbonate Sheet, Covestro LLC. “The outstanding property profile of our Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet helped enable Duo-Gard to create a high-performance daylighting solution in canopies that meets load condition requirements.”

Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet has exceptional weatherability and high impact resistance, both of which are important properties for the Sleekline™ system. This material grade is an ideal choice for this and other architectural applications where extended service life and resistance to color shift is required. Additionally, lightweight Makrolon® UV polycarbonate is easily thermoformed and fabricated.

For the Sleekline™ canopy application, the polycarbonate is extruded, enabling the creation of long sheets – as large as 30 feet – that run down the slope of the canopy. According to David Miller, president, Duo-Gard Industries Inc., “This design element sets our canopy system apart. Unlike glass canopies, our design allows water to flow without mullion breaks, which can leak. This is an important factor for architects and designers as well as the end-user.” The monolithic polycarbonate glazing not only provides continuous protection from the elements, but when integrated into the low-profile aluminum frame gives the canopy its sleek look.

The design of the patent-pending Sleekline™ canopy system can be customized for each individual application, allowing the canopy structure to complement the overall look of the building, proving that superior function and attractive design can co-exist.


About Covestro LLC

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