Plastiblow will be showing for the first time in North America our Fully Electric PB5E-DL double station machine in operation and producing a 350ml flat/oval personal care bottle in 4+4 cavity setup.

The technical solutions adopted to achieve the servo-driven movements (for clamp open/close  and parison wall thickness controller) are patented and are a distinguishing feature of the Plastiblow machines.  Plastiblow will explain these in more detail during the NPE Show.

Plastiblow photo machine

The machine has 12ton clamping force along with a 480mm carriage shuttle stroke. It is equipped with a W. Mueller extrusion head and other important features such as:

  • Our patented regulation device for individual blowpin calibration stroke. The fine adjustment of each blowpin calibration stroke can be carried out in complete safety from the operator panel while the machine is in running mode.
  • A servo-driven 2-axis robot picks up the bottles in the deflashing station and places  them fully trimmed on a bottle merge conveyor belt to bring them to a single collection point.  This makes for a more compact footprint of the machine.
  • A module that enables the recovery of the kinetic energy of the carriage movements, during deceleration, converting it into electrical energy that is returned to the line.
  • Quick mold changeover, including remote control device to actuate the blowpin up/down movement at creep speed and in complete safety with the front gates open. This allows the operator to be very close to the tools during the centering phase of the blowpins on to the striker plates.

All of the standard features present on the Plastiblow translate into the following benefits and advantages for the customers: reduced environmental impact of the machinery on the working floor, lower energy consumption, increased productivity, greater reliability and lower maintenance costs.