Duff Norton is pleased to announce that all sizes of the new DWA Series general purpose rotary union are in stock for immediate shipment.  Duff Norton’s new DWA Series Rotary Union offers a reliable and economical way to meet a broad range of process heating and cooling requirements.  Suitable for applications where water, oils, or noncorrosive fluids reach a maximum temperature of 200°F (93°C), it is ideal for a wide variety of industries, from plastics and rubber to flexible packaging and printing.  With a maximum speed of 1750 RPM and maximum pressure of 200 PSI (180 PSI on 2” models), the new DWA Series Rotary Union is well-suited to a broad array of applications, including heating and cooling rolls, mixers, plastic extruders, embossing rolls, and calendars.  It is available in a range of sizes to suit almost application, from ½” NPT to 2” NPT.  Metric threads are also offered on request.    

Duff Norton's DWA Series

The new DWA Series Rotary Union is engineered to ensure durable and reliable performance, including silicon carbide and carbon graphite seal to promote long service life, short dry run capability for initial machine start up, high precision ball bearings that run smoothly at high speeds, internal bearing protection with vented body to prevent lubrication washout, and a maintenance free seal design. 

For more information or to learn more about Duff Norton’s new DWA Series Rotary Union, please visit www.duffnorton.com.