Verstraete in mold labels partnered with 34 companies at the K Trade Fair in Germany, running 16 live IML systems. Verstraete IML focused on IML innovation at the trade fair, showcasing solutions for Oxygen and Light Barrier IML, MockUp IML, DoubleSided IML, Metallic IML, and Peelable IML. Verstraete’s team was present at the K Trade Fair to illustrate the benefits of all these novelties as they were running on live IML systems.

Seeing is believing. That is why Verstraete IML teamed up with no less than 34 companies to demonstrate the benefits of IML to the visitors of the K Trade Fair on live IML systems. At the trade fair Roboplas produced a 200 ml rectangular container with Metallic IML, based on the combination of Arburg’s injection moulding machine and Erkoc’s IML mould. The use of Metallic IML preserves a metallic look, even when a producer moves from metal packaging to plastics. Metallic IML produces a metallic effect that offers the product a high-end quality look.

Innovations of Verstraete IML

Automation producer Well-Lih demonstrated the production of a 200 ml yoghurt cup, using Pass Card’s mould and an Arburg injection moulding machine. Wittmann even produced three IML products at the K Trade Fair: a 300 ml cup and a 13 liter container, both with Verstraete’s Metallic IML, as well as a hockey stick. Italian automation producer Campetella produced an impressive 5 liter container with Metallic IML labels in close collaboration with BMB and Top Grade Molds. Swiss mould producer Müller showed a rectangular lid with metallic IML, resulting from its collaboration with Ferromatik.

Visitors of the K Trade Fair witnessed Wetec’s automation capabilities at four different partners’ booths. There was a 2,5 liter pail with a cycle time of only 6 seconds, produced on a Stork injection moulding machine. Wetec was also producing a 700 ml container with lid, using Metallic IML on a combination of Jon Wai Machinery and Nypro Tool. A 200 ml yoghurt container with IML labels from Verstraete was produced at Victor Taichung’s booth, using a Mo Chyi mould and Wetec’s automation. Equally impressive was machine producer Yizumi’s 250 ml oval container with a cycle time of just 5,5 seconds.

Also at the K Trade Fair, BMB was partnering with Star Automation and Collomb, showcasing a 5 liter container with a Wrap Around IML label. Machine producer Tederic produced a 1 liter pail in collaboration with Campetella and Tecnopool.

DoubleSided and Peelable IML

Stork and Brink, both from the Netherlands, teamed up to demonstrate two IML products together: a 150 ml container with a three-sided IML label and a 2,5 liter paint container. Automation producer Polymac presented a 4 liter container in collaboration with Stork. Interestingly, the container  was produced with Peelable DoubleSided IML labels. These labels are printed on both sides, offering space for extra information, such as suggestions on how to use the product, an incentive to participate in a contest, legally required labeling information, and more.

Verstraete’s Peelable IML label is easy to peel from the packaging. With the label removed, the consumer is left with a neutral packaging item, ready for re-use. A Peelable IML label is also an elegant solution for campaigns involving discount vouchers. It is easily combined with DoubleSided IML, offering packaging with a peelable label that contains product information on the back.

More innovative IML labels

Once again, the K Trade Fair offered a unique opportunity to get introduced to the wide range of Verstraete’s innovative IML labels. On display were the company’s Barrier IML labels, offering solutions for packaging that requires oxygen or light barrier functionality. Verstraete’s SuperClear IML also surprised a lot of the trade fair’s visitors. Using super-transparent film, the SuperClear IML label makes it possible to create packaging with a genuine no-label look.

Furthermore, Verstraete IML’s specialists presented an IML label at the K Trade Fair that is fit for in mould labelling in thermoformed packaging. In close collaboration with a film supplier, Verstraete succeeded in developing a film that meets the specific requirements of the thermoforming process. Another novelty is MockUp IML: a digitally printed IML label that is produced with short lead times and at low cost. The use of MockUp IML allows a packaging producer to offer its customer samples of the final product. MockUp IML is printed on standard IML film and fits the standard IML process.