Schoeneck Containers Inc. (SCI) is a manufacturer of blow molded containers. For over thirty-five years, SCI has supplied plastic containers for diverse consumer and commercial markets throughout the world. All products exceed industry standards for quality and durability. Since its inception in 1972, SCI continues to grow as a supplier of containers for food, beverage, personal care, household, and industrial products. “We manufacture approximately 200 million blow molded containers a year,” said Scott Chambers, Quality Facilitator for SCI.


Prior to Synergy, SCI did all collecting of the quality control data by paper. They have 22 machines: operators had to record everything by hand. Depending upon the customer requirement, they would take a sample sometimes every hour, but most often every 3 to 4 hours. “Synergy saves us about 45 minutes of the operators’ time from how we operated previously,” said Chambers. “When you calculate this across 22 machines that comes out to about 33 man-hours a day.”

“I like the fact that with Synergy we have three levels of operation to protect the data; the operator, manager and engineer levels,” said Chambers. “I also appreciate how easy it is to cut and paste information from Synergy to share with customers. This is a feature that differentiates Synergy from other Statistical Process Control (SPC) packages out there. And although this happens relatively infrequently, I like the fact that during a customer audit, they can view the information real-time in Synergy.”

In addition to helping the operators and other quality personnel, Synergy helps Chambers in his job as well. “One of the ways that Synergy helps me is retrieving information quickly. If I received a customer complaint, previously I would have to go back through the paper files to find the information, the date it was made, the lot#, etc. Now, I can quickly look it up in the system on that date to see if there were any problems on that day. Synergy has easily saved me hours of time.”