TruTag Technologies, Hawaii-based innovator of an edible security platform that addresses the trillion-dollar global counterfeit problem, has been named a 2014 Edison Award Finalist.

Vetted by over 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education, TruTag Technologies shares the honor with past winners that include household names like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, 3M, and Sony Electronics.

TruTag microtags ("TruTags®") are inert, edible, and can integrate into the very fabric of a product without packaging or labels – much like fingerprints on a human being – for the authentication of food, drugs, electronics, consumer products, and industrial components. Moreover, millions of optical patterns can be embedded into a TruTag, a dust-sized particle smaller than the width of a human hair. The TruTag security platform will help prevent counterfeiting, enhance the safety of food and medicine, improve tracking and logistics, assure product quality, and enable the Internet of Things.

The company will be recognized for its vision and "game changing" security platform April 29-30 in San Francisco at The Edison Award Gala, as a Finalist in the category of "Materials Science – Nanomaterials."

The Edison Awards™ are among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human‐centered design, and innovation. Award winners represent products, services, and excellence in leadership and innovation around four criteria: Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact. Originally established in 1987, the Edison Awards have honored some of the most world’s most innovative new products, services and business leaders, and are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847‐1931), whose extraordinary new product development methods garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents and made him a household name around the world.

"It’s exciting to see companies like TruTag Technologies continuing Thomas Edison’s legacy of challenging conventional thinking," said Frank Bonafilia, Edison Awards’ executive director. "Edison Awards recognize the game-changing products, services, and the teams that brought them to consumers."

"Innovation has been a constant driver for our company and we are honored to be recognized by the prestigious Edison Awards," said Kent Mansfield, TruTag’s president. "TruTag’s security platform addresses the fundamental issue of brand protection facing large global companies across industries, and we are actively working with them to improve the safety, security, and traceability of food, medicine, industrial components, consumer goods, and other products."


About TruTag Technologies

TruTag Technologies has developed a covert, low–cost, heat–resistant, and edible silica microtag that serves as an edible bar code and can be incorporated into solid, oral-dose medications as well as other materials and products. This on-dose technology platform can be used for brand protection, counterfeit prevention, improved tracking and authentication, efficiency in clinical trials administration, informatics for product and component tracking through the supply chain, and product quality assurance. The unique physical properties of TruTag microtags provide a vast library of available unique codes, which allow for tracking of high-volume, high-value items at product or even batch levels. This serialized business information tool can be used in a variety of markets with high–value items including, but not limited to, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, food, electronics, industrial components, consumer luxury good, and medical devices. Learn more at

TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a 2014 Technology Pioneer, as selected by the World Economic Forum. This prestigious honor was awarded to the world’s most innovative and influential technology companies with the promise of significantly impacting the way business and society operates


About Edison Awards

Since 1987, the Edison Awards have recognized ideas at the forefront of new products, services, marketing, design and innovation. They symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison, while also strengthening the human drive for innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Being recognized with an Edison Award has become one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business.

Previous Edison Award winners include AT&T (2013), 3M (2013), OnStar (2012), Ford Motor Company (2012), Johnson & Johnson (2011), Apple (2011), and Sony Electronics (2011).