Equipment tailored to the requirements of PET processors in China is a the major focus on the Conair stand (Hall W4, Booth J41) at Chinaplas 2014 being held April 23 – 26 in Shanghai.

The rotor revolves slowly and continuously through in-process, regeneration and cooling cycles. This design ensures rock steady temperature and dew point control. The rotor technology produces low-dew-point air within minutes of start-up, and the dryer’s reduced structural mass requires less heat energy (up to 40% less) than twin-tower dryers. The dryer is ideally suited to the precision drying required for production of quality PET preforms, film and sheet.

The dryer control offers a 7-inch-diagonal screen with touch-activated full-color graphics and status indicators. System overview screens and “snapshots” of the process display critical process settings and actual data, while individual parameters can be selected and adjusted just by touching them.

Other PET-drying components on display at Chinaplas include insulated drying hoppers and mold-space dehumidifying systems, which are manufactured entirely in Shanghai for customers in the Greater China region. Conair hoppers are designed to promote even heat distribution and mass material flow to eliminate hot and cold spots in the hopper. Large access doors and smooth interior surfaces keep downtime for material changes to a minimum. Like Conair dryers, mold-space dehumidifiers are based on a desiccant wheel. They are used to prevent condensation that can cause quality defects in fast-cycling PET preform molds.

Conair W800 DryerOther Conair PET Systems on Display at Chinaplas

Conair PET systems are also operating at Unique Injection Molding Systems Co., Ltd., Hall E5, Booth J41, and Hang Zhou Kronce Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., in Hall E5, Booth B41.

Unique is operating a UPET 360E-500 molding machine running a 96-cavity water-bottle preform mold. Preparing the PET resin for processing is a Conair W1300 Carousel Plus dryer with a variable-frequency drive (VFD). It can process 520 kg/hr (1144 lb/hr) of PET and is supported by Conair auxiliary equipment including a mold-space dehumidification system, an insulated drying hopper, DuraLoad vacuum material receiver and PowerFill conveying pump. The equipment is mounted on a mezzanine above the molding machine.

The demonstration in the Kronce booth is centered on a SM-400-P molding machine, with a 48-cavity water-bottle preform mold. Here, the Conair dryer is a W800, processing 260 kg/hr (572 lb/hr). An auxiliary equipment package similar to that shown in the Unique booth supports the preform molding system.

Global Team Serves PET Processors

“The entire PET material handling and conditioning process is critical to making quality products,” says Joachim Lim, General Mgr., Conair in Asia. “PET is a technically challenging material, and many of our customers process extremely high volumes. These companies are highly knowledgeable and quite demanding, so we need to deliver the products, service and technical knowledge required to optimize processing, cut costs and increase efficiency.”

To provide PET processors with products and services to meet their unique requirements, The Conair Group has formed a global team that includes representatives from engineering, sales, project management and service. The China-based team members have a total of 15 years’ experience in the PET market.

In this challenging environment, Conair excels, delivering the breadth of equipment, the advanced technology and the comprehensive knowledge and experience that it takes to ensure low energy costs, high yields and optimum end product quality. Conair pioneered the EnergySmart™ polymer drying system, which gives high-volume PET users comprehensive control over every aspect of the entire drying process, making it possible to optimize settings and produce high-quality finished products more efficiently. EnergySmart features Optimizer™ Mode control, which regulates not only air temperature, but also air flow based on data from the patented Conair Drying Monitor™. Just enough heat energy is added to the bed of material in the drying hopper to maintain optimum conditions.

The EnergySmart drying systems can save PET preform molders 45% or more on drying energy.  Customers have reported energy savings of up to 66% as compared to conventional desiccant dryers.

Conair integrates these high efficiency drying systems into complete plant installations that can also include material-handling, blending, process temperature control, film and sheet extrusion controls and scrap reclaim systems.


About the Conair Group

The Conair Group ( is a leading global supplier of auxiliary equipment for plastics processors, including resin drying systems, blenders, feeders and material-conveying systems, temperature-control equipment and granulators. Extrusion solutions include line-control systems, film and sheet scrap-reclaim systems and downstream equipment for pipe and profile extrusion. Over 450 individual products solve problems, save energy, cut waste and are easy to use. Conair is also an international company, with long-standing operations in Europe, Asia and South America. The industry’s most complete product line, top-flight engineering and unbeatable service, all combine to give processors the confidence they need to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace.