SPE has launched a new mentoring program for its members, the society announced.

The program is designed to connect plastics professionals globally, as well as inspire and develop innovations from those connections. Each participant will be paired with a qualified counterpart to ensure the program’s success.

“Mentors can play a key role in inspiring individuals to success and thrive in the work world,” says Monika Verheij, SPE’s mentoring committee chair. “SPE is excited about the opportunity to help build a mentoring network that will enable plastics professionals to pursue fulfilling careers.”

The network will provide a platform for knowledge transfer between generations––from established industry professionals to those who are just starting out in their careers. Mentors and mentees will be matched according to their personal preferences so the challenges of advancing their professional and personal goals are addressed. Members can be mentors and mentees at the same time.

“I remember how hard it was for me to ask for guidance about my career after graduation,” says Erin Keaney, SPE’s Next Generation Advisory Board chair. “I am really excited for the mentor program. It is going to break down the barrier of young professionals connecting with great people who can guide them in the industry.”

The society says it hopes to grow the program each year and pair new mentees with experienced mentors around the world.

“Mentorship provides insight to young professionals and can help guide them in their new careers,” says Lynzie Nebel, SPE’s vice president of young professionals. “SPE’s new mentor program will be able to provide answers and counsel to those seeking to further themselves in the plastics industry.”

To sign up as a mentor or mentee in the program, visit www.4spe.org/mentor.