The design of the Endowment for Clean Oceans (ECO) $1 million worldwide contest to find a sustainable, globally deployable technology to remove micro and macro plastics from the world’s oceans has been finalized. ECO also recently announced that Skunkworks Surfing Co. co-founders Chris and Ricky Martin have been appointed as judges.

“We are extremely excited to be part of this important and historic work,” say the Martin Brothers.

Regarding the contest’s format, ECO announced the following three submission categories based upon the interest from potential contestants:

  • Corporations and universities
  • “Garage” inventors
  • Elementary/secondary students

The $1 million prize will go to the corporation and university winner, while the “garage inventor” will win a significant investment in his company and technology. The prize for the elementary and secondary student category will be a full scholarship to a school of their choice.

“We must deploy technology to remove micro and macro pieces of plastic from the world’s oceans on global scale,” says Daniel Perrin, ECO’s founder.

ECO plans a second contest, to find an economically viable replacement for plastic, for which the Martin Brothers will also serve as judges. The winner of that contest will receive a $5 million prize. “We need to prevent new plastic from going into the world’s oceans as well as take the plastic already polluting our oceans out,” says Perrin. “It’s essential. It really can’t wait.”

Regarding the Martin Brothers’ roles as judges, Chris will serve on the Science and Tech Committee while Ricky will serve on the Entrepreneur Committee. The role of the Entrepreneur Committee is to judge each entry on scalability and executability, and the Scientific and Technical Committee will evaluate each entry from that perspective. Perrin explains that, “[The Martin Brothers] have the sort of innovative entrepreneur and plastic materials technical expertise we are looking for to be ECO judges.”