IRPC plc, a petroleum and petrochemical company, plans to use Honeywell UOP processing technologies for a new aromatics complex in Thailand’s Rayong Province.

Honeywell UOP will provide licensing, design, key equipment, and catalysts and adsorbents as part of the project.

When the complex is completed in 2022, it will produce 1.2 million metric tons per year of paraxylene, which is used to make plastic resins, films, and fibers. IRPC’s benzene production capacity will also be increased to 495,000 tons per year from 114,000. Benzene is a fuel additive and an ingredient in plastics, lubricants, rubber, dyes, and detergents.

The project will include a Honeywell UOP CCR PlatformingTM unit, which will convert naphtha into high-octane gasoline and aromatics, as well as an LD ParexTM unit, which recovers high-purity paraxylene from mixed xylenes and uses a new, more efficient light desorbent.

“This complex will enable IRPC to significantly convert its available intermediate feedstocks to higher-value aromatics products such as paraxylene and benzene,” says John Gugel, vice president and general manager of process technology and equipment at Honeywell UOP. “This is the latest in a series of aromatic projects using advanced UOP technologies that have low capital and operating expense.”