Mathelin Bay Associates LLC is set to launch its online blockchain-enabled global plastics marketplace,, during NPE2018 in Orlando this May.

The international plastics industry consulting firm designed the platform in order to break down some barriers preventing potential buyers and sellers of plastics resins, compounds, and scrap from locating and contracting trustworthy trading partners in their own country or in foreign markets, the company says.

Sales contracts made on the platform are almost impossible the alter after the fact, the company asserts. Additionally, the origin of individual plastics shipments will be easier to trace, which can support the sales of higher value-added plastics. Tamper-resistant documents can be used in support of plastics origin requirements for government regulations, like the California Rigid Plastic Packaging Container Act’s provision for a minimum percentage of post-consumer recycled plastics content in various plastic products sold in that state.

“ is all about building trust and transparency between plastics buyers and sellers,” says Phillip Karig, the company’s managing director. “The PlastiTrail blockchain will provide a secure record of plastics contacts entered into on the marketplace, including any certifications, technical data sheets, photographs, and other representations which will be duplicated, published, stored, and encrypted at multiple locations around the world.”