The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) will introduce nine new fellows at ANTEC® @ NPE2018 May 7 through 10 in Orlando, Fla.

The fellows will be honored for their contributions in the field of plastics engineering, science, or technology––or in the management of such activities. Candidates are sponsored by an SPE division or special interest group and elected by the Fellows Election Committee based upon their professional record as well as written sponsorships from at least two SPE members.

Only 334 members, including the nine new fellows, have been awarded the title since 1984.

The new honorees include:

Dr. Ashok M. Adur, commercial development director of plastics at Vertellus LLC and sponsored by SPE’s Polymer Modifiers & Additives division; Dr. Carol Forance Barry, professor with the Department of Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and sponsored by the SPE Injection Molding division; Dr. Mehmet Demirors, senior research fellow of packaging and specialty plastics research and development for The Dow Chemical Co. and sponsored by SPE’s Engineering Properties & Structure division; Dan Falla, senior technical service specialist with Shell Polymers and sponsored by SPE Flexible Packaging division; Dr. John W. Gillespie Jr., director of the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials and sponsored by the SPE Composites division; Dr. Tie Lan, R&D manager at Vestergaard and sponsored by the SPE Properties & Structure division; Dr. Russell Speight, director of moldflow engineering with Moldflow and sponsored SPE’S Australia New Zealand section; Dr. Uttandaraman Sundararaj, professor of chemical and petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary and sponsored by the SPE’s Applied Rheology division; and Dr. Michael Thompson, professor of chemical engineering at McMaster University and sponsored by SPE’s Extrusion division.