Technische Informationssysteme GmbH (T.I.G.) and iPlast 4.0 have entered into a partnership to expand T.I.G.’s reach in Asia, according to the two companies.

The partnership presents an opportunity for T.I.G. to expand in Asia and ultimately extend to other parts of the world.

“Due to the cooperation with iPlast 4.0 in Asia, we expect a rapid market penetration of our MES [Manufacturing Execution System] solution ‘authentig.’ The holistic view––from demonstrating the optimization potential in a plastics production via a proposed solution to the installation of our MES solution––ensures that our customers are ready for Industry 4.0,” says Wolfgang Frohner, T.I.G.’s chief executive officer.

T.I.G. develops and sells MES and has connected more than 10,000 injection molding machines and has seven of the top 10 automotive suppliers as customers. iPlast 4.0 enables small- and mid-sized enterprises in the plastics industry to realize Industry 4.0, particularly in the fields of scientific molding, smart maintenance, LEAN automation, and smart manufacturing.

“From our experience helping small- and mid-sized enterprises in Asia adopt Industry 4.0, we know it is important to have an ecosystem of partners that have the insights, expertise, and willingness to be an enabler with iPlast 4.0,” says Anston Tan, principal of iPlast 4.0. “It is our pleasure to announce that the collaboration with T.I.G. brings with it not only well-proven MES solutions, but also a strong and synergistic alliance that can co-create digitalization solutions for our customers.”