MPD Chemicals LLC acquired Norquay Technologies, Inc., a Chester, Pa.-based chemical producer, the companies announced.

Norquay is the fourth company to be integrated into MPD’s platform, which also includes Monomer Polymer & Dajac Labs, Silar, and IsoSciences.

Norquay is a specialty chemical manufacturer specializing in chromic, electronic, catalyst, ligan, medical adhesive, and UV performance products.

MPD focuses on monomers, polymer development, organosilicon chemistries, and stable isotope labeling. Through its Norquay acquisition, the company hopes to develop custom manufacturing processes for a wide range of specialty chemical applications, from the laboratory to full-scale commercial production.

“The acquisition of Norquay into the MPD organization will enhance our cross-functional operations and extend our value-added products and solutions to more customers worldwide,’ says Carrington Smith, MPD’s chief executive officer. “Our long history of success has resulted in leadership positions with MPD customers, as we continuously deliver high-quality products to the various markets and customers we serve. We look forward to exploring new opportunities with our existing and prospective customers as a result of this expansion.”