PolyOne Corp. unveiled its HammerheadTM marine composite panels at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo in Orlando in late December.

The continuous-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite panels are 50 percent lighter than plywood offer an alternative to boat manufacturers. The ready-to-install panels replace the traditional wood, hand lay-up, and vacuum-assisted processes associated with boat body manufacturing. Applications range from structural to cosmetic in areas like bulkheads, decking, and cabinetry, PolyOne says.

“We are investing heavily in composite innovation, and these recent marine applications highlight how customers benefit from the next generation of metal, glass, and wood replacement,” says Craig Nikrant, president of specialty engineered materials at PolyOne. “With our new Polystrand thermoplastic composite technology and design expertise, PolyOne’s innovation pipeline continues to expand. We estimate composite revenue growth of more than 50 percent in five years as a result of projects currently in our innovation pipeline.”

The Polystrand technology was acquired along with Gordon Composites in 2016. The company’s PolyOne Advanced Composites was launched from that acquisition. Other potential applications of the Polystrand technology include aerospace, outdoor sports, transportation, security, and prosthetics.

The company says it plans to reveal more details about its composite innovation plans at its upcoming investor day, which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018.


Photo Credit: PolyOne Corp.