Modern Dispersions Inc., a global supplier of thermoplastic compounds and concentrates, announced the availability of blue-tone carbon black masterbatches for use in automotive interior applications. The introduction complements the company’s line of masterbatch formulations for the automotive industry and comes in response to growing customer demand for blue-tone black colors which are highly desired for their aesthetics in certain applications. The company will introduce the new masterbatch at the K 2016 exhibition (Hall 5/C09-4), which runs Oct. 19-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Modern Dispersions’ three new blue-tone carbon black masterbatches are targeted for door panels, instrument panels, and other interior applications, according to Jan Kozma, vice president of sales and marketing for Modern Dispersions. “The automotive interior market is challenging because it has to satisfy the demand for customization and frequent updates due to vehicle model changes,” explained Kozma. “This new product fills an important design need for automakers.”

Typical automotive applications require strong dispersion of pigments into various interior surfaces to match the overall color scheme. “Modern automotive interiors demand higher jetness along with different undertones from a pigment masterbatch to match the overall interior scheme,” said Kozma. Carbon black is used in auto interiors not only as a pigment but as a functional filler due to its ability to increase ultraviolent (UV) stability. Color levels are carefully controlled to insure consistency since variables during processing can affect the color performance of the masterbatch, according to Kozma.

The blue-tone carbon black masterbatch can be used in a wide range of resin systems including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and thermoplastic olefin elastomers (TPOs). Typical usage levels range from 5% to 8% by weight depending on the total polymer system in the final product.

The new blue-tone masterbaches have found commercial use in a range of interior applications at leading U.S. automakers. MDI has an array of black masterbatches which produce interior surfaces with higher jetness coupled with different types of undertones ranging from blue to yellow and green to red. The company’s automotive masterbatches are known for their high dispersion capability and can be tailored to meet the needs of carrier resins, additive packages, and various undertones.

MDI employs more than 200 people at two locations in Leominster, Mass. and Fitzgerald, Ga. At these two production sites, compounding and concentrate capacity now exceeds 200 million lb per year.


About Modern Dispersions Inc.

Modern Dispersions, Inc. (MDI) is a leading thermoplastic compounder and concentrate maker based in Leominster, Mass. MDI is respected in the market for providing the best value and highest quality carbon black masterbatches, white concentrates, and specialty additive compounds. The company’s products are used to manufacture articles in many markets and provide broad-based performance in terms of UV protection, static dissipation, and extending product life. MDI products can be found in agricultural film, electrostatic dissipative housings used in electronic packaging, cell phones, fabrics, and household items. State-of-the art facilities are equipped with truck and rail logistics, enabling delivery of large-bulk purchases as well as less than truckload orders. In addition to its standard product portfolio, MDI works closely with customers to develop specialty proprietary grades. For more information, visit