Working with a leading industry coating specialist, Plasmatreat North America has co-developed a durable plasma coating for plastic food storage containers (LDPE, PP, and PET).

The coating prevents the orange staining that often results from hot tomato-based products (either heated in the container or put away while still warm).

“In addition to being unsightly, this staining is also disconcerting from a health perspective: If pigments from the food are seeping permanently into the plastic, it stands to reason that some of the plastic is making its way into the food, too,” notes Andy F. Stecher, Plasmatreat North America President and CEO.

In laboratory tests, the stain-resistant coating lasted for at least 100 cycles of freezing, microwave heating, and top-rack dishwasher cleaning. In addition to preventing stains, the coating technology makes plastics safer, with little to no material diffusion from the polymer to the food or liquid stored in them - or vice versa.

Plasmatreat offers high-efficiency plasma process solutions for surface pretreatment of all types of materials, individually tailored to specific customer requirements. Thanks to plasma technology’s extraordinarily versatile range of applications, the company is opening up new industrial application areas almost every day.