SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI) and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) announced the creation of a joint membership option for students about to enter the plastics industry workforce Tuesday. The announcement was made by SPI President and CEO William Carteaux and SPE CEO Willem De Vos at NPE: The International Plastics Showcase during the FLiP N’ Sip Young Professionals Reception, hosted by SPI’s Future Leaders in Plastic (FLiP) and SPE’s Next Generation Advisory Board (NGAB).

“SPI created the FLiP group to engage the next generation of plastics leaders and provide young professionals in the plastics industry the exposure, education and resources they need to advance themselves, along with the plastics manufacturing industry. This student membership option, undertaken in partnership with SPE, gets right to the heart of FLiP’s mission,” Carteaux said. “By allowing students on the brink of entering the plastics industry workforce we can get them involved with all of SPI’s outreach, advocacy and educational opportunities, priming them for success in plastics and strengthening our industry starting at its roots.”

“SPE has always believed that the development of plastics professionals begins the moment they step into the classroom to learn about plastics, but we also know that their development doesn’t end with graduation. That’s why our existing student membership option gives students full professional membership benefits and extends into their first year in the workforce,” De Vos said. “The SPE NGAB was created to ensure student members remain connected to our industry network after graduation as well as making SPE look attractive to Young Professionals, a little comparable to FLiP from SPI. Partnering with SPI will make it easier for students to take advantage of all the things our organizations, and our existing industry leaders, have to offer and make them poised for a lengthy, successful career in plastics.”

Under SPI and SPE’s agreement, students looking to become an SPE student member will have the option to do so for free if they also join SPI as an e-member. The student’s membership dues would be waived and SPI and SPE would share the membership cost for each student that takes advantage of this offer. By offsetting the cost of membership, both SPI and SPE hope to make it easier for students to take advantage of each organization’s respective educational and networking opportunities, while expanding opportunities for plastics students and young professionals who, due to financial hardship, might’ve been reluctant to participate.

NPE2015, the world’s most important plastics industry trade show, produced by SPI on a triennial basis, is ongoing in Orlando, Fla. at the Orange County Convention Center. For more on SPI, click here, for more on FLiP, click here, and for more on SPE, click here.


About SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association

Founded in 1937, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association promotes growth in the $373 billion U.S. plastics industry. Representing nearly 900,000 American workers in the third largest U.S. manufacturing industry, SPI delivers legislative and regulatory advocacy, market research, industry promotion and the fostering of business relationships and zero waste strategies. SPI also owns and produces the international NPE trade show. All profits from NPE are reinvested into SPI’s industry services. Find SPI online at http://www.plasticsindustry.org and http://www.inthehopper.org.

"From resin suppliers and equipment makers to processors and brand owners, SPI is proud to represent all facets of the U.S. plastics industry," said William R. Carteaux, president and CEO, SPI. Our most recent economic reports show that the plastics industry as a whole is resilient, and has come through the recession significantly better than other U.S. manufacturing sectors."