Dynisco is expanding its online rheometry offering to include a new simplified ViscoSensor configuration that has a more compact rheometer control unit (dubbed e-RCU). The new system is being released at the international plastics exhibition scheduled for March 23 – 27, in Orlando, Fla. (Booth W4544).

The new system uses exactly the same sensor head as the original ViscoSensor so, although Dynisco has simplified the control package, the critical sensing component is exactly the same. This new configuration gives users a compact and cost-effective solution for continuous, zero-waste monitoring of melt flow rate, apparent viscosity, and other key test parameters directly within the thermoplastic manufacturing process.

With quality control in demand more than ever, today’s processors can no longer afford the risk of shipping substandard products, the expense associated with producing scrap, or the productivity losses incurred due to materials specification variance. Dynisco’s complete online capillary rheometer product series provides a window into the extrusion process, not otherwise available, ensuring process linearity and enabling in-process adjustments where required to ensure consistent batch-to-batch quality.

The ViscoSensor system consists of two parts. First is the ViscoSensor sensor head that connects directly to the process and samples, conditions, and measures the properties of the resin. Second is the ViscoSensor RCU that remotely manages the ViscoSensor test parameters and provides measured and computed material properties. Additionally, the control unit communicates with external distributed control systems if desired.

“The ViscoSensor provides a live look-in to your process whether compounding, mixing or producing resin,” says product engineer Kevin Craig.   “The ViscoSensor is a capillary rheometer and a melt-flow indexer in the process flow providing real time material data. You will no longer have to wait and wonder while lab tests are being run. You know instantly whether your material is within specification”.

Dynisco’s newest addition to its online product family, the e-RCU combines the rheological properties of a Laboratory Capillary Rheometer with the MFI readings delivered by a Melt Flow Indexer. These values are delivered in “real time”, and continuously, throughout the extrusion process. The results let the user know, with certainty if adjustment is required to bring into specification or is linear and ready to make on-spec product.    

Among other features, the new e-RCU offers a simplified PLC with the digital and analog I/O that most plants would need. A smaller cabinet enclosure optimizes workspace with 40% less volume than standard RCU.   All of which create a cost-effective system that reduces the risk of failure to an acceptable level. If conditions change and the system is needed in a hazardous and/or classified location, compatibility with the standard RCU allows for an easy upgrade.


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