Wittmann Battenfeld Inc. will present their latest material handling and auxiliary equipment solutions to visitors to their booth at the upcoming NPE 2015 show in Orlando, Florida. Their impressive lineup of products will include new TEMPRO temperature controllers with direct cooling, Aton plus segmented wheel dryers, FC plus modules for DRYMAX battery dryers, FEEDMAX S3 net single conveying systems, GRAVIMAX G56 gravimetric blenders, and a GRAVIMAX G14 and GRAVIMAX G34 blender, both with RTLS technology through a new, modernized control system.


The new Wittmann TEMPRO basic C120 series offers direct cooling across the entire range of configuration options in terms of heating capacity, pump displacement and cooling performance. This model comes with a substantially more compact design than previous models, and there are various options for different equipment packages for pumps and heating and cooling capacity. The dimensions of the smaller sized TEMPRO basic C120 are no more than 230 x 690 x 630mm, but it is still capable of handling 200 l/min with a heating capacity of either 12 of 18 kW and a pump capacity of either 0.75 or 1.5 kW. The most powerful model in the series is slightly larger, 340 x 776 x 700 mm, and has heating capacities of 18 or 24 kW, with the capability of going as high as 46 kW, and pump displacement rates ranging from 200 to 280 l/min.

Aton plus Dryers

Just released at last year’s Fakuma show, the new Aton plus segmented wheel dryer will also be on display at NPE 2015. The dryer has a new design and a new user interface that includes a touchscreen display that not only allows for easier operation via its graphical menu, but enables the operator to get an overview of all drying parameters as well as visualize and control the material loaders. There are also various features on the new dryer to save energy, including a weekly timer to control automatic start-up and shut-off, optimization of the regeneration phase through the 3-save process, and automatic selection of the drying method when in EcoMode. Energy savings have been measured at up to 48% over conventional wheel dryers in a direct comparison.

FC plus Module for DRYMAX Battery Dryers

Wittmann Battenfeld’s FC plus module has introduced an option for DRYMAX battery dryers that extends the functionality of a frequency-controlled battery dryer. An FC-controlled dryer will automatically adjust the dry air volume to the throughput requirements of each drying battery without requiring the operator’s intervention. Additionally, the FC plus enables more efficient configuration and operation of drying systems. The module will automatically shut off dryers with low demand and put it in standby mode to save energy, and then will automatically register an increase in material consumption and, if necessary, activate the dryer again.

FEEDMAX S3 net Single Conveying Systems

The new FEEDMAX S3 net features an exciting new innovation that allows it to be joined to all the neighboring equipment on the same network. Previously, it has been a hassle to do simple things like stop the conveyer system or adjust conveyance because they had to be done manually, oftentimes with a ladder to even reach the system. Even remote controls only controlled individual units, not the whole system. For the first time, the FEEDMAX S3 net from Wittmann Battenfeld now combines the advantages of single conveying units with those of a centralized control system. Using a CAN bus, several FEEDMAX S3 net conveyor units can be linked together and controlled from a single console. Wittmann Battenfeld provides a high-resolution 4.3” TFT touch screen for this purpose, which displays complete information about the status of each separate unit. The conveyor units also feature an LED status display standard, which allows operators to view the status of the unit quickly, easily and from a distance.


Wittmann Battenfeld is also releasing a new gravimetric blender, the GRAVIMAX G56, that allows for the mixing of up to six different components. Even with its large blending volume of up to 5,000 grams, this unit meets the same standards as Wittmann Battenfelds smaller models in terms of mechanical attributes, control system, easy access, and process reliability. Dosing is carried out by pneumatically operated, wear-resistant metering valves whose cylinders are located outside of the material flow, which prevents material from bridging and makes the cleaning process substantially easier. The unit includes a special RTLS (Real Time Live Scale) weighing unit that determines how often and for how long every metering valve must be activated, allowing for a metering accuracy of ±0.1%.

The user interface of all of the new G series of blenders features a clear, easy to use design that allows users to work with or without formulations, as well as automatically optimize the sequence of loading the individual components. It also includes the SmartRegrind function that prevents the processing machine from coming to a standstill if there is a lack of granulate. Instead, the GRAVIMAX will supply the missing component automatically.


A particularly large number of innovations come from the gravimetric metering sector. In addition to the new GRAVIMAX G56, Wittmann Battenfeld will be presenting two world firsts: the appliance series GRAVIMAX G14 with up to 80 kg/h throughput and the model GRAVIMAX G34 with a maximum throughput of 200 kg/h. Both sizes are fitted with a modernized control system which delivers higher performance and even higher precision in metering, even under adverse conditions. The stainless steel valves, which are suitable for metering virtually any conceivable materials (virgin material, regrind, masterbatch, additives), have been reapplied, unchanged, from the predecessor series. They are both also configured for RTLS operation. That continuous weighing ensures the utmost precision for every single batch of compound.


About Wittmann Battenfeld

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, WITTMANN BATTENFELD is a global company with 7 production facilities, 31 subsidiaries, and 24 agencies in 52 countries.  WITTMANN BATTENFELD is the only manufacturer offering plastic processors worldwide a complete range of innovative robot automation and injection molding machine technology, along with auxiliary equipment for material conveying, blending, drying, granulating, heating and cooling, for individual work cells to fully integrated project managed system solutions from one manufacturer. Their worldwide sales and service network provides unmatched local service and support.