Compuplast International Inc (USA) of Williamsville, NY will be showing off the latest version of the Advanced CAE tools for polymer processing that they offer. This includes simulation software for Extrusion, Thermoforming, Blow Molding and Injection Molding. Below are some the the highlights that will be presented at NPE 2015.

Compuplast® Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ (VEL™) Version 6.8

In addition to many “under the hood” improvements that help improve the stability and speed for all VEL™ Modules, The major improvements in VEL™ 6.8 deal a conversion to 64 Bit which will allow for the solution of larger flow fields with greater detail. This should also help improve the response of the interface and user experience.

Version 6.8 will also include a complete upgrade of the VEL™ Side Fed die module. The parametric geometry interface will allow for the development of a more precise flow field with more flexibility.

Like most of the other parametric modules, the VEL™ Side Fed Die module will have an “Expert” solver which will allow the user to run a fully 3D FEM analysis. Furthermore, when completed, the software will automatically post process the results and display them in the format of the Side Fed Module. Those that wish to perform more detailed post processing have the option to do so in the full 3D FEM Module environment.

The VEL™ 3D FEM module has also been updated to be completely 64 Bit and parallelized to take advantage of multi-processor PCs. This has cut solution times by more than 50%. There are also a couple of new and powerful post processing feature that allow the user to better evaluate flow fields.

For Example, there is a feature that allows the users to track a “Line” of particles and see how they deform with time, as shown in a Spiral Die flow field below.

This feature has also been extended to allow a user to track the deformation of a user defined “surface” within the flow field.

This can help to visualize the deformation that the material experiences as it flows through equipment.

In addition to the above, there have been features added to define special Boundary Conditions such as a given Initial Temperature Variation and improvements in the recording of animation sequences for generating animations of the results in several video formats.

B-SIM™ Blow Molding Simulation is now fully 3D!

The B-SIM™ Blow Molding simulation software, developed by Accuform s.r.o. of the Czech Republic, is not capable of performing fully 3D simulation of the Blow Molding process using fully 3D parison geometry.

Prior to this, blow molding simulation often used a “mid-plane” type of assumption for the parison which was not really valid when forming parts with relatively small diameters and thick walls. Preliminary evaluations by customer show improved correlation with real parts.

For more information visit NPE 2015 booth S36078.