Plasmatreat North America is pleased to present a brand-new surface treatment device, the RD2005U, at NPE2015.

The new Openair® atmospheric plasma device was developed to treat the plastic substrates that are increasingly used in lightweighting projects, such as SMC, carbon fiber, and glass fibre. It is a “Certified Clean and Safe” process specifically designed to smoothly integrate with existing manufacturing systems.

“The new device offers an enhanced variety of treatment nozzles, treatment speeds, and treatment distances—all while connecting to established Plasmatreat power supply options,” says Andy Stecher, President and CEO of Plasmatreat North America. “This makes it easy for customers to integrate this advanced technology into existing factory automation solutions.”

Plasmatreat’s technologies offer customers flexible, in-line, low-cost, environmentally sensitive alternatives to solvent-based and traditional mechanical surface preparations. They facilitate a reduced carbon footprint through low energy usage and also help eliminate detrimental factory VOCs, improving both workplace safety and operator well-being.

Plasmatreat North America has labs in Elgin, IL; Belmont, CA; and Ancaster, ON. It is part of the Plasmatreat Group of companies headquartered in Steinhagen, Germany. Plasmatreat is the international market leader in atmospheric pressure plasma-jet technology, offering state-of-the-art manufacturing to CE and ISO 9001 standards and fully integrated automated plant solutions supported by a global service team.