Milacron LLC, global manufacturer of plastics processing equipment and technologies, will launch its latest innovations at Fakuma 2014. At Fakuma, the Milacron brands will highlight cutting-edge technologies that benefit customers across several industries, including automotive, medical/pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging, amongst others. Milacron brands Mold-Masters (Hall A5, Booth 5205), Ferromatik Milacron (Hall B3, 3203) and DME (Hall A2, 2317) will collectively present the latest products and solutions designed to meet all their customers’ unique needs.“Fakuma 2014 visitors will get a glimpse into the full breadth of products Milacron offers, and see how they can work together to deliver unparalleled performance for customers in Germany and around the globe”, says John Gallagher III, COO Milacron, Melt Delivery & Control Systems / Fluid Technologies / Finance and Shared Services - Mold-Masters, DME, Cimcool. “Conference attendees will experience the excellence intrinsic in our pellet-to-part solutions and our unwavering commitment to service for our customers.”

Presentations by Brands

Mold-Masters, the global leader in melt delivery and control systems, will be featuring product enhancements to their medical and automotive solutions, controller technologies and auxiliary injection units at Fakuma 2014.

Highlights include:

  • Mold-Masters will showcase the most complete E-Multi product range ever, which now covers all needs for multi-material injection molding on single material machines. E-Multi will be running live in the Ferromatik booth on a Hybrid Ferromatik Milacron F-280.
  • For the automotive industry, Mold-Masters has accelerated its automotive offering with enhancements to the Fusion G2 F7000 nozzle. The nozzle is now equipped with a new heater technology and offers increased durability and wire organization without  compromising the ease of access for service, complements of fully removable covers.
  • Mold-Masters will also proudly present its new iM2 Integrated Controller, which can now be fully integrated into any injection molding machine, allowing for optimal precision while eliminating the entire controller footprint. The iM2 will be running on the Ferromatik booth and can also be seen in the Mold-Masters booth.
  • With the launch of EcoDisk, Mold-Masters is improving its already-efficient SPRINT high-speed closure hot runner system. The new EcoDisk is a 7-mm ceramic pad installed flush to the bottom of clamp plate in the position above the pressure disk. The EcoDisk provides substantial energy savings and improved thermal balance at the nozzle.
  • Mold-Masters also will debut the next-generation Melt-CUBE side gating solution. The new Melt-CUBE technology provides precise cavity-to-cavity balance, excellent vestige control and easy servicing. The Melt-CUBE allows for higher pitch density compared to other designs and easy tip replacement in the press, making it the ideal solution for deep draw parts such as medical parts.

For Ferromatik Milacron, this year's Fakuma activities focus on multi-component and medical techniques.

Highlights include:

  • Ferromatik Milacron will showcase a complete system consisting of a Ferromatik Milacron F 280 injection molding machine with Kortec Co-injection Molding technology and a Mold-Masters injection unit. The system components are controlled in such a way that both melts are prepared in the injection units and are then overlaid across the hot runner, using the closing needle technique to solidify it into a barrier packaging inside the mold.
  • For applications in the medical parts sector, Ferromatik Milacron will present a fully automated production cell with an F 120 hybrid injection molding machine at the heart of the unit. With its highly efficient needle singularizing system and a 4-fold mold, the machine produces disposable syringes with needles without the need for glue.
  • In addition, Ferromatik Milacron will show an ELEKTRON 30 with an injection unit with international size 55. ELEKTRON machines are excellent for medical applications and food packaging, and are ideal for clean room operations.

DME, an essential mold technology resource and key partner for standard and non-standard products for the plastics industry, will showcase innovations in its top four technology areas: (1) High-Precision Custom Mold Bases, (2) Applied Technologies, (3) DME Direct and (4) Surface Finishing.

Highlights include:

  • In cooperation with Tirad, DME offers a complete service program for custom mold bases, plates, frames and other parts for plastics processing. The level of accuracy is highly suitable for multi-cavity molds. DME services offer highly accurate milling and finishing and all finishing operations are carried out in climate-controlled areas.
  • In the area of applied technologies, DME will present cost-saving solutions, allowing mold cost reduction with pre-engineered mold undercut solutions, including collapsible and dove tail cores, expandable cavities, internal latch locks and more.
  • In addition, DME will highlight its broad offering of high-quality molding supplies for the plastic injection industry.
  • In 2014, DME launched a polishing catalogue, which now contains everything needed for the polishing and finishing of dies, forming tools and stamping tools, ranging from simple rough polishing to fine-finishing. At Fakuma, DME will spotlight this catalogue with live demonstrations of polishing machines and accessories.

For the electronic press kit with more details about the Milacron brands and products including photos, follow this link.

About Milacron

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