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December 2016
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Solvay Launches Patented Recycling Process, New 'Smart Molecule'

Solvay K 2016 Solvay, a global supplier of polyamide-based performance materials, launched at K 2016 a nylon material made from post-industrial or end-of-life technical textiles, such as automotive airbags. this involves using a patented process for separating the silicone from the textiles. Called Technyl® 4earth®, the resulting material is being used to produce 100% recycled parts and delivers performance equal to that of prime quality engineering plastics. Read More

DSM Rolls Out Dyneema® Carbon Lightweight Hybrid Composites

DSM Dyneema DSM Dyneema at K 2016 shone a spotlight on its Dyneema® Carbon hybrid composites. Dyneema® fiber – made of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) – is billed as "the world's strongest fiber," is 15 times stronger than steel and yet is so lightweight it can float on water. Read More

Arburg at K Talks Cube Molding, Additive Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Arburg fliptop closures Arburg GmbH + Co. KG focused on Industry 4.0 at K 2016, while also showcasing Freeformer additive manufacturing machines as well as how it has transformed its cube molding capabilities into high-volume production. With the Allrounder Cube, a revolving four-faced mold spins between two injection units, and produces a multicomponent part. Running a cube mold from Germany's Foboha GmbH at the K show, Arburg molded two–component, flip-top closure caps on a 32-by-32 cavity mold, in a 290-tonne press in an 8.5-second cycle. Both parts of the cap were polypropylene, but they were different colors. Read More

Songwon Broadens its Scope, Launches New Coating Stabilizers

Songwon Coating Stabilizers South Korea's Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. is diversifying and moving beyond its role as the world's second-largest producer of polymer stabilizers, to become more of a specialty chemicals supplier, CEO Maurizio Butti told journalists at its K 2016 press conference. the firm used the occasion to launch new ranges of coating stabilizers and functional monomers, and showcase its Songstomer™ thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resins and SongXtend® long-term thermal stabilizers (LTTS). Read More

Recent Webinars

Additive Manufacturing Aids: Jigs & Fixtures

Stratasys Webinar

Manufacturing relies on tools and aids, including jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges to maintain quality and production efficiency. With 3D printing technology, you can put more complex and custom jigs and fixtures on the production floor, in less time. In this webinar you'll see how manufacturing companies are using 3D printed jigs and fixtures for increased productivity. Watch Now

PE Blog

Unusual 'Extrusion' Molding Is Commercial

PE Blog Low-shear, low pressure "extrusion" molding machines developed by Extrude to Fill LLC, Loveland, CO, a 2014 start-up, have been commercially molding tiny acoustic parts since 2015. Extrude to Fill's process melts plastic without motion using electric heater bands in a thin-walled extruder barrel using conduction, not compression or friction between screw and barrel. The screw turns only to fill molds. Read More

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