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Compounding, feeding and handling plastics with even greater precision and efficiency

Coperion K 2016 At K 2016, Coperion will present a variety of new developments. High-performance compounding extruders, pelletizers for polyolefin production, bulk material handling plants and systems for high-efficiency bulk material packaging are the company's latest focal areas. Innovations from Coperion K-Tron aim to ensure even more precision for feeding and recording bulk material flows. And the company's current projects related to the theme of "Industry 4.0" will also be featured at the trade show. Read More

Struktol Company of America additive line for recycled plastic compounds

Struktol resins Struktol Company of America has developed unique process additives for reclaimed/recycled plastics and for polymer compounds that contain recycled content. These products are useful in a variety of different resin systems from polyolefins to engineered plastics, offering greater processing efficiency and enhanced performance. They are targeted for compounds containing 100% recycled material or materials with varying levels of post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content.Struktol will highlight these materials at the K 2016 exhibition. Read More

Sidel helps Nestlé Waters to achieve worldwide energy savings

Sidel Matrix Blower As the result of a worldwide energy-saving programme, Sidel has supported Nestlé Waters in achieving reductions in its energy consumption at production sites in countries around the globe. Consequently, the world's leading producer of bottled water has achieved energy savings equivalent to the consumption of more than 20 ovens, representing savings of more than 1 million euros a year. With over 96 production facilities situated in 35 producing countries around the world, Nestlé Waters naturally places a high priority on improving the environmental performance of its processes, as well as keeping its operating costs to an absolute minimum. Read More

Addex's next-generation Intensive Cooling Experience delivers major output gains for blown film

Addex ICE Addex Inc. has announced the launch of the Intensive Cooling Experience (ICE) system, a unique cooling technology that increases output by 40% to 60% for blown film extrusion lines. The ICE system adapts 40-year-old cooling technology and is a major improvement over conventional air-ring technology. The new bubble cooling technology will be shown at the upcoming K 2016 exhibition. Read More


PE Blog

Trolling for New Technology: ANTEC 2016

PE May Blog New technologies at ANTEC 2016, the Society of Plastics Engineers Annual Technical Conference, held this year in Indianapolis, IN May 23-25, include an array of unusual functional structures created in plastics and composites by means as different as chicken feathers, plasma, and micro fibrillation. New machine processes include two new multi-screw extruders from Chinese technical universities and a new chaotic melt mastication process from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Read More


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