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November 19, 2015
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Plastics & composites technologies driving automotive advances

ChinaPlas 2015 With automakers worldwide focused on trying to eliminate every non-essential gram of weight from their vehicles, they are turning increasingly to advanced plastics and super-strong composites for everything from high-profile appearance parts to unseen under-hood and structural components. In addition to obvious applications such as bumper systems, exterior panels and interior trim, these same resins are helping to create the housings, display screens and technologies needed to make our cars and trucks more digitally connected and interactive . Read More

New MOCON oxygen permeation analyzer targets high-barrier applications pushing the shelf-life envelope

MOCON OX-TRAN MOCON, Inc., an international provider of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing invisible gases, has once again improved the ability to measure oxygen transmission rates (OTR). MOCON’s new OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 L has been specifically engineered to accurately and quickly measure OTR for wide range of high-barrier materials and packages. It is ideally-suited for food, pharmaceutical, medical device, film converters and resin producers who want to push the shelf life envelope by reducing oxygen permeation of packages. Read More

Labelling technologies: Helping beverage producers meet fast-paced consumer trends

Sidel Labelling Technologies When shopping for consumables the choice of a product is made in a matter of seconds. With such an incredibly brief decision-making process, it is even more important for a brand to stand out on the supermarket shelf. During this crucial so called ‘moment of truth’ a label can significantly help in attracting consumers' attention and encouraging them to select one beverage over another. In today's changing market a manufacturer needs to be able to adapt quickly to succeed. Sidel offers a wide range of labelling solutions to enable beverage producers to bring new products to market quickly, using flexible and reliable solutions to meet fast-paced consumer trends. Read More

Milacron’s Uniloy® brand and Consolidated Container Company announce groundbreaking Dura-Lite container

Milacron Dura-Lite Milacron Holdings Corp., an industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry announced Milacron’s Uniloy® brand and Consolidated Container Company (CCC) have partnered in the development of their new Dura-LiteTM family of containers. Responding to customer demand for a new generation of stronger and lighter-weight dairy/water gallon and half-gallon square bottles, CCC and Milacron partnered to develop a solution that meets multiple market needs—ranging from lower bottle weight and improved strength to supply chain compatibility and consumer appeal. Read More

PE Blog

New high biocontent biopolymers

PE September Blog New biopolymer formulations are in the works for durables with very high biocontents of 90% to 100% for the first time, designed to compete head on with ABS for electronics, appliances, and auto parts. Several formulations use a new biopolymer that isn’t fully commercial yet, polybutylene succinate (PBS), which has properties like PP, but is biodegradable into CO2 and water. PBS itself isn’t new. Showa Denko KK in Tokyo launched the first commercial PBS, "Bionolle," in 1993 as a niche polymer for biodegradable applications like fishnets and for automotive applications. Read More

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Product Focus

Polycarbonate sheet from Covestro enables new options for protective canopy design

Covestro Makrolon A building’s design is often determined by its function. Many structures, including airports, commercial buildings and schools, need protective canopies to provide shelter from the elements. Unfortunately, adding this ‘function’ often comes at the sacrifice of design. Thanks to the new SleeklineTM canopy system from Duo-Gard Industries Inc. incorporating Covestro LLC polycarbonate sheeting, this is no longer the case. Read More

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