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August 26, 2015
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Unmatched mixing performance

Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer effectively handles liquid and powder mixing, gas dispersion and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) while reducing time, energy and costs. In many applications the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer provides a faster and more efficient mixing than conventional methods. It combines high blending precision with minimized mixing times and up to 50% reduction in energy requirements. Based on rotary jet head technology, it can be used in tanks between 100 and 800,000 liters in size. Read More

Series 725 co-extrusion crosshead from Guill Tool

Guill Series 725 Guill Tool introduces Series 725, a co-extrusion crosshead design for tray cable applications. With all stainless steel construction, Series 725 offers machine builders and end users many advantages, including the patented Guill Seal Right system of self-aligning tapered deflector and body design. Series 725 was developed in partnership with a customer, to convert a production line from a Tandem line with two heads a distance apart into a co-extrusion line with a single head applying both layers of PVC in a single operation. Read More

All about plastics: Ceresana analyzes the European plastics market

Ceresana European Plastics Lightweight, versatile and individually shapeable: Plastics continue to be of triumphant success. They are still replacing more conventional materials such as aluminum, tin plate or glass. The market research institute Ceresana analyzes the European plastics market in its recent market study. The comprehensive report is the first to give a detailed overview of all significant plastics from standard products such as polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC to engineering plastics such as ABS or fluoropolymers to bioplastics. Read More

ChemineerTM Model 20 top-entering agitators designed for wide range of service

Kenics Model 20 The Chemineer Model 20 HT/GT agitators are designed for a wide range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, FGD, power and other general process industries. The agitators feature a high-efficiency gearbox designed specifically for agitator service. Models are available in right angle and parallel shaft configurations to meet specific application requirements from critical chemical reactor systems to routine storage. Read More

PE Blog

Beyond micro: nano injection molding is finally commercial

PE July Blog After nearly 30 years of R&D, nano molding may be too small to see, but it’s real. Nano details that are so small they can’t even be seen under a microscope are being injection molded. They’re read by electron microscopes or by defraction using a laser pointer. Molded nano features include invisible logos on parts to prevent counterfeiting, functional surfaces like radar deflection, and hologram-like iridescence. Read More

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Product Focus

Range of efficient material handling systems and services enhanced and extended

ProTec SOMOS ProTec Polymer Processing will showcase at Fakuma 2015 a full range of high-performance, energy-efficient integrated system solutions for efficient material handling, including conveying, drying, dosing and mixing. ProTec will introduce the new energy-efficient large SOMOS® T140 eco auxiliary dryer with its updated design. Read More

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Coming in September: "High Style for Automotive Interiors"

September 2015 Markets: Resins (engineering thermoplastics, thermosets, composites for auto exterior & underhood), injection molding technology, coating & decorating plastics, part design tools (CAD & software), composites (thermoset & reinforced thermoplastics, fibers (glass & carbon)), primary equipment and molds & tooling for composites, blow molding machinery & tooling, failure analysis testing & services

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