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May 7, 2015
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TOMRA at PLAST 2015 Visitors to PLAST 2015 can hear about TOMRA’s Genius optical sorter for virgin plastics. TOMRA invites you to come and learn how they can turn off-spec virgin plastics into in-spec product. TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials manufactures the highest capacity bulk sorting platforms available for the virgin plastics industry, achieving high resolution detection with high efficiency while maintaining a superior yield. Watch TOMRA’s virgin plastics sorting solutions in action. Read More

Adhesives, more important than ever in the transportation industry

Huntsman Marine1 Due to the increasing need for specialized adhesives in the transport industry, Huntsman Advanced Materials is continuously expanding and improving its offering to the market, with continued research and new product launches. This is an industry where there is a continued requirement for more advanced and improved developments and where composites are playing an ever-greater role. Trains, buses and cars are now using new materials and adhesion to replace standard soldering or fastening solutions. Locomotives now have outsides panels made of polyester GRP bonded onto the chassis and the car body structures. Read More

IMS delivers a new option for plastic molding maintenance: the IMS Screw Handler

IMS Screw Handler IMS Company answers an industry need with its latest catalog addition: the IMS Screw Handler for injection molders and extruders. Designed off the end user needs of a rugged construction that is made to last, the Screw Handler is simply inserted onto a hot screw for safe and fast transfers. The IMS Screw Handler promotes process uptime by enabling maintenance workers to quickly set the device over a hot screw and safely transport it for fixing, cleaning, or change outs. The Screw Handler’s contact points are made from brass, which safeguards expensive screws from marring, scratches, and dents typically seen when previously moving a screw by other methods. Read More

EMI shielding and conductive silicones: Elasto Proxy announces custom gaskets for military and defense industry

Elasto Proxy EMI Shielding Elasto Proxy, custom-fabricator of industrial rubber products and plastic parts, is announcing help for military buyers who need EMI shielding. As Elasto Proxy explains in an online article and video, EMI gaskets made of particle-filled silicones combine the advantages of silicone rubber with the electrical properties of metals. Silicone rubber is a synthetic elastomer with useful physical and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures. By filling specialty silicones with metal-coated particles, compounders create materials that conduct electricity and resist electromagnetic interference (EMI). Read More

PE Blog

Trolling for new technology at ANTEC 2015

PE March Blog The first two pellet-fed 3-D printers took the spotlight at the Society of Plastics Engineers ANTEC 2015 Annual Technical Conference March 23-25 in Orlando, FL. Both are based on existing machine technology—one on extrusion, the other injection molding. They aren’t brand new–they were announced and demonstrated over the past two years at several major international shows. But they’re going commercial now, which is where they get interesting. Read More

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Riverdale Gravimetric Stand

Riverdale Global RGS The Riverdale Gravimetric Stand (RGS), provided and maintained by Riverdale Global, prevents the handling complications and workplace mess associated with liquid color. The RGS sealed delivery system, exclusively manufactured by Maguire Products, requires no equipment investment for Riverdale Global customers. In the RGS, the pump is permanently installed inside a standard-size drum, mounted on a self-calibrating loss-in-weight scale, which stays sealed from when it leaves Riverdale Global to its return for refill from customers. Read More

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