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February 26, 2015
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X-Rite announces next-generation color measurement tools at NPE

X-Rite color management X-Rite Incorporated and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, unveil next-generation color management solutions at NPE 2015 to help customers achieve consistent color across the entire supply chain from concept design through final product. The new Ci7800, a master-level instrument, and the cost efficient Ci7600 are benchtop sphere spectrophotometer ideal for the plastics, textile, automotive and paint/coatings industries. They deliver best-in-class, sample-to-sample color measurement for increased accuracy and feature highest stability over a range of environmental conditions for opaque, transparent and translucent materials. Read More

Phoenix Technologies announces availability of new melt-form rPET pellet for bulk handling packaging applications

Phoenix Technologies melt form pellets Phoenix Technologies International, a producer of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), is announcing the availability of its latest resin grade. The announcement is expected to open the door for additional, larger commercializations of rPET bottles and containers for a wide variety of food, beverage and other applications. LNOTM c melt-formed pellet has been engineered to withstand bulk handling and transport, while still providing the desired color and low acetaldehyde attributes found in the original compacted formulation. Read More

NPE2015 takes shape as the largest and most international exposition in the 69-year history of NPE

NPE2015 logo With exhibit space sales and visitor registrations far outpacing those at the same time in 2012, it is now all but certain that NPE2015 will be the largest show in NPE history, adding to a long list of reasons why this will be a "must-attend" event for any business professional whose product includes plastics. For NPE2015, which will take place on March 23-27 in Orlando, Florida, SPI projects the number of exhibitors to match and possibly exceed the record of 2,009 set at NPE2000, and attendance will reach 60,000, well above the total for the successful 2012 show. Read More

Davron designs space-saving vertical oven for automotive curing process

Davron vertical oven Davron Technologies, Inc. designed and manufactured the DTI-1135, an electrically heated vertical oven used to cure a coating on steel components for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. The DTI-1135 vertical oven features one heated zone where parts index up and down in a vertical orientation. After exiting the heated chamber, the parts are conveyed horizontally through the cooling chamber, which is located below the heated chamber. This tiered design saves valuable floor space in the factory. Read More

PE Blog

Molding paper like plastic

PE December Blog If plastics processors haven’t noticed paper bottles yet, they should, because paper bottles popped from nowhere four years ago to create a whole new market for paper. Four years ago, two small entrepreneurial companies outside of the packaging industry separately launched patented but similar paper bottles almost simultaneously. These weren’t folded paper cartons, but molded clamshells shaped like glass or plastic bottles. Paper bottles started with milk in local outlets and now package detergent, wine, and cat litter for mass markets, potentially challenging glass and plastic. Read More

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Martinenghi Digital Printing Machine: a new renaissance in printing process

Michelangelo KX48P Michelangelo KX48P is the Digital Printing Machine born from the genius and the creativity of Martinenghi team highly experienced in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the packaging industry. It opens a new era in the decoration of cylindrical hollow bodies, such as collapsible tubes in aluminium and plastic, plastic cartridges for silicon, aerosol cans for deodorant and cosmetic in general, aluminium bottles for beer and soft drinks, ensuring the highest standards of productivity, reliability and quality. Read More

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