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February 19, 2015
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Arburg at CHINAPLAS: Premiere of the Freeformer in Asia

ARBURG IML cups From May 20 to 23, at CHINAPLAS 2015 in Guangzhou, Arburg will present high-end injection molding machines and the Freeformer for additive manufacturing to cover the entire production spectrum from one-off parts to mass-produced items. The company will also present the cost-effective injection molding of mass-produced items for the medical and packaging industries with two Allrounder exhibits. Two Freeformers will demonstrate the potential of Arburg Plastic Freeforming for the industrial additive manufacturing of functional parts as one-off items or in multi-variant small-volume batches. Read More

Milliken features improvements for lighter PP vehicle parts with Hyperform® Reinforcing Agents

Milliken Hyperform Milliken will go beyond simply addressing the lightweight trend in vehicle manufacturing with solutions designed also to improve all-round mechanical performance and the aesthetics of polypropylene (PP) parts at the 2015 VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering Conference in Mannheim, Germany. Visitors to the booth can look forward to the weight-reduction benefits and more offered by Hyperform® HPR-803i reinforcing agent. The synthetic reinforcing agent, used alone or with talc, allows automotive designers to create high-performance PP parts that are up to 15% lighter without compromising performance. Read More

Reduction Engineering Scheer Introduces Next-Generation RE Series Pulverizers at NPE 2015

Scheer Reduction Pulverizer Reduction Engineering Scheer (RE Scheer), a global supplier of pulverizers, pelletizers, and rotational molding equipment, has unveiled its next-generation of pulverizers which deliver a highly compact design, faster clean out, and more efficient production. The four newly designed pulverizer models include the RE 500, RE 1000, RE 1500, and RE PASS, all of which boost efficiency and cut production costs. The company will feature the new pulverizer line at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase, March 23-27 in Orlando, FL. Read More

Clariant releases ColorForward® Interiors 2016: new materials appeal to broader fiber audience

Clariant ColorForward Interiors Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has released ColorForward® Interiors 2016, the third annual trend and color forecasting guide for the fiber and textile market. This year's edition was expanded to reach a wider range of textile yarn and filament producers, including those serving the carpeting, upholstery, automotive, and interior decoration sectors. This unique creative tool from Clariant ColorWorks® defines four trends that can be expected to attract consumer attention in the next few years and creates a color palette that can help marketers tap into the emotions behind those cultural currents. Read More

PE Blog

Molding paper like plastic

PE December Blog If plastics processors haven’t noticed paper bottles yet, they should, because paper bottles popped from nowhere four years ago to create a whole new market for paper. Four years ago, two small entrepreneurial companies outside of the packaging industry separately launched patented but similar paper bottles almost simultaneously. These weren’t folded paper cartons, but molded clamshells shaped like glass or plastic bottles. Paper bottles started with milk in local outlets and now package detergent, wine, and cat litter for mass markets, potentially challenging glass and plastic. Read More

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High Efficiency Blow Molding Machine to debut at NPE

Plastiblow blow molding machine Plastiblow will be showing for the first time in North America our Fully Electric PB5E-DL double station machine in operation and producing a 350ml flat/oval personal care bottle in 4+4 cavity setup. The technical solutions adopted to achieve the servo-driven movements (for clamp open/close and parison wall thickness controller) are patented and are a distinguishing feature of the Plastiblow machines. Plastiblow will explain these in more detail during the NPE Show. Read More

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