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January 15, 2015
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Rotational valve to debut at NPE 2015

Gala Rotational Valve Gala Industries introduces its new rotational valve at NPE 2015. The rotational valve has a single inlet and multiple outlets. Pellet and fluid slurry flows into a rotating nozzle which directs the slurry to a hopper connected to an outlet. The rotating nozzle is connected to an encoder which indicates to the power control system which hopper is being used. The outlets are connected to different tanks in Gala’s Pellet Conditioning System (PCS). Gala’s PCS consists of multiple tanks that are gravity fed a slurry of pellets and fluid in a sequential pattern. Read More

RTP Company develops long fiber thermoplastic compounds with low VOC emissions for automotive interior applications

RTP Car Interior RTP Company announced the expansion of its Very Long Fiber reinforced Polypropylene (PP VLF) portfolio to include a range of low emission products. These PP VLF products satisfy Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) mandates to reduce the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels found in thermoplastic materials specified for use in automotive interior applications. Automotive OEMs have identified the need to reduce odor, fogging, and total VOCs to improve air quality and the safety of vehicle interiors. Read More

Kiefel presents the new Speedformer KMD 90 at NPE in Orlando

KIEFEL KMD90 For decades, Kiefel GmbH, Freilassing, has been known in the packaging industry for its high-performance machines and its innovations. The most recent innovation is the SPEEDFORMER KMD 90. The brand-new pressure forming machine ensures a higher productivity due to fast cycle times and larger forming area. The elaborate design presents some special features: new high output ceramic heaters enable fast and efficient energy absorption into the sheet promoting increased cycle speeds with a smaller oven footprint. Read More

2015 Packaging Conference announces final agenda; adds major brand owners/suppliers to roster

Packaging Conference logo The organizers of The Packaging Conference 2015 are announcing the final agenda for event to be held February 2-4, 2015 in Atlanta at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead. A broad packaging-based agenda will include presentations on flexible and rigid plastics, glass, metal direct-to-package digital printing and other equipment technologies. Brand owners, suppliers, industry associations and other experts will be speaking about new technologies and other developments impacting the packaging community. Read More

PE Blog

Molding paper like plastic

PE December Blog If plastics processors haven’t noticed paper bottles yet, they should, because paper bottles popped from nowhere four years ago to create a whole new market for paper. Four years ago, two small entrepreneurial companies outside of the packaging industry separately launched patented but similar paper bottles almost simultaneously. These weren’t folded paper cartons, but molded clamshells shaped like glass or plastic bottles. Paper bottles started with milk in local outlets and now package detergent, wine, and cat litter for mass markets, potentially challenging glass and plastic. Read More

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XY Piezo Nanopositioners for extreme precision applications

Aerotech QNP-XY Piezo Stages Aerotech QNP-XY series piezo nanopositioning stages provide the resolution, linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for the most demanding applications from microscopy to optics alignment. With resolution to 0.15 nm, linearity to 0.007%, and repeatability to 2 nm, nanometer-level precision is assured. With the highest dynamics of any other comparable stage in size and travel, users can achieve higher throughput in exacting processes. Read More

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