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December 18, 2014
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Gneuss exhibiting biggest MRS extruder to date

Gneuss MRS extruder Gneuss' Processing Technology division will show the latest generation of its innovative Multi Rotation System extrusion technology. A complete extrusion line with an MRS 160 extruder, a fully-automatic filtration system RSFgenius175 and an online viscometer will be on the show floor in Orlando. This is the biggest extruder Gneuss has ever brought to a show. Read More

Japan's Kohwa Kasei Chemicals selects STEER's MEGA SPECIAL 40 for nylon glass fiber compounding

STEER MS STEER, announced that Japanese Company Kohwa Kasei Chemicals Inc has procured a 'MEGA SPECIAL 40' extruder line for its plant in Nara, near Osaka. Kohwa Kasei will use the Do/Di 1.55 MEGA SPECIAL 40 for its Engineering Plastics application involving glass filled nylon. Kohwa Kasei selected STEER for long term collaboration as it is witnessing a surge in demand for nylon glass fibre filled polymers in Japan. Read More

Resistant to low temperatures and very rigid at high temperatures

LANXESS Tepex Engineers increasingly are using Tepex performance composites from LANXESS subsidiary Bond-Laminates to significantly improve the mechanical strength of components made of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic compression molding compounds. The latest example is a cover on the rear muffler of the BMW i8. It is fabricated in a direct long fiber thermoplastic (DLFT) process from a polypropylene compression molding compound reinforced with long glass fiber rovings. An insert made of Tepex dynalite 104-RG601 is used as the surface layer. Read More

Five star industry competence

ENGEL at NPEl "It’s your choice to be a winner!" is the motto for ENGEL at NPE2015 from March 23 to 27 in Orlando, Florida. Presenting eight innovative applications, the injection molding machine manufacturer and system supplier will demonstrate how the specific requirements of five industrial branches—automotive, packaging, medical, teletronics and technical molding—can be realized with efficient and economical injection molding solutions. They will show that the key to increased competitiveness can be found in both customized, highly-integrated system solutions and flexible standard machines. Read More

PE Blog

Finally, the first commercial thermoformed bottles

PE November Blog For decades an incredible amount of inventiveness has been thrown at the challenge of trying to thermoform bottles. The idea was that making bottles out of thin sheet would save 20% to 50% in materials over extrusion blow molding with lower energy, higher output, and easy material and color changes—including barrier—just by changing a roll. Over the years probably a half dozen ingenious technologies were patented, built, announced, and some even exhibited at major trade shows, without ultimately making a commercial bottle. Read More

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Versatile TPEs for personal electronic devices provide wide range of properties for comfort, durability, and on-the-go style

Teknor Apex earbuds A versatile series of TPEs developed by Teknor Apex Company for consumer electronics provides the enhanced functionality, pleasing tactile properties, vivid color, and durability that are particularly valuable for constant-use personal devices like in-ear headphones, computer mice, fitness trackers, and smart watches. To be introduced at NPE2015, the consumer electronics series of compounds is part of the Monprene® family of TPEs. Read More

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Coming in January: "Global Resin Trends 2015: An Expert Roundtable"

January 2015 Markets: Corporate investment, sustainability, energy, resins (thermoplastics, thermosets, TPEs, composites, bioplastics); primary machinery & tooling (molding, extrusion); auxiliaries (testing services & machines, monitoring, inspection)

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