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March 27, 2014
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Clariant supplies toughened Nylon 66 with low-temp impact strength and superior surface

Clariant Nylon 66 Clariant announced it is supplying a special Nylon 66 compound for a molded power distribution box manufactured by GEP Power Products, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company supplies standard and custom electrical components to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. Brands like FreightLiner, Thomas, John Deere and International rely on GEP for cost effective products and custom engineered solutions that perform in harsh environments that are typical of transportation and outdoor power applications. Read More

Increased efficiency in the plastics industry with APROL

APROL Factory Automation Plastics processing machines already feature an extremely high degree of automation. If they're going to further optimize their production processes, manufacturers in the plastics industry have to look for solutions that improve overall plant efficiency across the board. This means including auxiliary buildings, energy and utilities as well as the entire plant infrastructure in the equation. "Better than any other system on the market, integrated automation technology from B&R does precisely that," states Thomas Rienessl, plastics industry expert at B&R. "With a system that reaches from the I/O level up to the process control system for the entire plant, B&R offers a complete solution cast from a single mold." Read More

Arevo Labs announces carbon fiber and nanotube-reinforced high performance materials for 3D printing process

Arevo 3D printing materials Arevo Labs, a Silicon Valley startup, announced the availability of technology and materials to create Ultra Strong High Performance Polymer parts using a 3D printing process. Supported materials include High Performance Polymers such as KetaSpire® PEEK, AvaSpire® PAEK, Radel® PPSU and PrimoSpire® SRP. Arevo’s offering consists of Proprietary Carbon Fiber and Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Reinforced High Performance Materials, printing technology compatible with commercially available filament fusion 3D Printers and specialized software algorithms to create 3D objects with deterministic mechanical properties. Read More

Smallest quantec® G3 Kneader - greatest flexibility for PVC compounding

BUSS quantec 46 G3 The quantec 46 G3 is the latest addition to the BUSS quantec® G3 family. These high-performance Kneaders are predestined for compounding rigid and soft PVC. With throughputs up to 500 kg/h for compounding filled PVC, this smallest version offers optimal flexibility and supports short change-over times for handling frequent formulation changes. It is furthermore a very cost-effective option for small to medium production runs. Its well-proven scalability of technical parameters also makes the quantec 46 G3 an ideal pilot line both for PVC producers and for prototype model testing in development and research applications. The BUSS quantec® 46 G3 debuts this year at Chinaplas 2014 in Shanghai from April 23 to 26. Read More

PE Blog

Eco Friendlier

PE February Blog News at GPEC 2014 (Global Plastics Environmental Conference), on March 12-14 in Orlando, FL, by the Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers, includes a new lignin-rich degradable filler, a process potentially for food-contact PPC, plus new ways to recycle some of the toughest plastic scrap. GPEC ran back-to-back in the same location with the Plastics Recycling Conference 2014, on March 11-12 by Resource Recycling Magazine, Portland, OR, which brought an astonishing 150-plus exhibitors in addition to its program. Read More

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Kenics® Thermogenizer Delivers Homogenized Melt Streams

Chemineer Kenis Thermogenizer The Kenics® Thermogenizer, from Chemineer, Inc., is a post-extrusion mixing device that provides superior color and additive distribution, and uniform temperatures over a broad range of thermoplastics, including nylons, polyethylenes, styrenes, acrylics, cellulosics and vinyl resins. Mixing is achieved by a stationary, helical Kenics® Static Mixer element assembly, which induce flow divisions in the melt stream. This flow splitting combines with axial rotation of the stream thus assuring continuous transfer of material back and forth between the wall and the center of the stream. Read More

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