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August 21, 2014
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PSG Automatik’s SPHERO® Underwater Pelletizer wins new award

Automatik Sphero PSG® Automatik Plastics Machinery (a Dover Corporation Member) announced that it has once again been acknowledged as a major contributor to the plastics processing industry. Building on the strength of a prior recognition bestowed upon its flagship SPHERO® and the introduction of a brand new addition to its line of underwater pelletizers, Automatik has received a Ringier "Technology Innovation Award". Read More

Next generation extruded cable compound technology supports extra high voltage direct current transmission

Borealis HVDC Borealis and Borouge announced a true step-change high voltage direct current (HVDC) innovation based on the BorlinkTM technology platform. Developed in partnership with power and automation technology leader ABB, this major HVDC innovation, supported by a unique track record of 15 years proven operational excellence and industry leadership in extruded HVDC materials, will support the further integration of renewable energies into the grid and the establishment of more interconnections among countries in major infrastructure projects around the world. Read More

Dow and Darplas collaboration brings innovative packaging opportunities to Latin America

Dow in Latin America The Dow Chemical Company announced its latest converter partnership with Darplas, a producer of liquid and high barrier packaging in Latin America. Darplas is now a licensee of Dow’s PacXpertTM Packaging Technology and will produce packages in Colombia, to sell to its customers in the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean. Read More

Araldite® adhesives take center stage in the age of substrate change

Huntsman adhesives Vehicle manufacturers have been set some ambitious targets to significantly reduce carbon emissions to 95g CO2/km on the sale of all new cars by 2020. Laurent Pourcheron, Marketing Manager for Adhesives at Huntsman Advanced Materials looks at how structural adhesives can help the automotive industry to successfully integrate the latest lightweight materials and comply with future environmental legislation. Read More

PE Blog

Thermoplastic car bodies are ready to roll

PE July Blog Two papers given at the Society of Plastics Engineers’ ANTEC 2014 Conference April 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV, describe the development by Volkswagen AG of what is believed to be the first automated process to mass produce finished thermoplastic car body parts. The technology is also likely to be the first multi-process injection molding of a cosmetic exterior car part. It combines thermoplastic injection molding, physical foaming, and two-component PU injection molding in one complex tool. VW isn’t talking about small series production either. This is intended for "large scale production" of parts like hoods, spoilers, and mirror housings, possibly as early as next year. Read More

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Duff Norton’s new DWA Series rotary unions

Duff Nortons Duff Norton announced that all sizes of the new DWA Series general purpose rotary union are in stock for immediate shipment. Duff Norton’s new DWA Series Rotary Union offers a reliable and economical way to meet a broad range of process heating and cooling requirements. Suitable for applications where water, oils, or noncorrosive fluids reach a maximum temperature of 200°F (93°C), it is ideal for a wide variety of industries, from plastics and rubber to flexible packaging and printing. Read More

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