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July 17, 2014
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Monolithic diamond ATR accessory offers rapid, detailed sample analysis

Thermo ATR Laboratories that provide QA/QC, forensics, educational or analytical services can now use a new monolithic diamond accessory designed to perform fast, high-quality attenuated total reflectance (ATR) sample analysis at an affordable price. The accessory, the Thermo Scientific Smart iTX, integrates with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer and other Thermo Scientific FT-IR systems to provide laboratory professionals with a monolithic diamond ATR solution intended to enable rapid data collection. Read More

New liquid shimmer and frost colors from PolyOne add style to PET containers

PolyOne PET containers PolyOne unveiled a new collection of liquid color concentrates for designers and brand leaders that infuse PET containers with shimmer and frost effects. These unique colorants are the latest resource from the Company’s InVisiOSM suite of innovative color services and solutions. Created using ColorMatrixTM advanced liquid color dispersions, the new colorants produce effects such as iridescent color movements and unique surface appearance that can enhance brand presence and deliver differentiated shelf impact across beverage, personal care and household product packaging applications. Read More

Used for lightweight construction

ENGEL BMW Work The new, vertical, large-scale machine offers a clear-cut approach to economical series production for thermoplastic as well as thermoset composites. Both in overmolding of organic sheets and tapes, and in HP-RTM processes, if often makes sense to work with gravity. This reduces the effort in the handling of parts and the fixation of insert parts in the mold, and also facilitates manual intervention. Read More

DSM’s Stanyl Diablo PA46 delivers performance on the world’s first high-heat plastic air intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler

DSM Stanyl Diablo PA46 Royal DSM announced another major step in the use of thermoplastics in automotive high-heat zones. A recently-introduced hybrid sports car features the world’s first high-heat plastic air intake manifold (AIM) with integrated charge air cooler (CAC) in Stanyl® Diablo, DSM’s high temperature resistant polyamide 46. The injection molded manifold operates at 220°C and withstands pulses of high internal pressure. DSM worked closely together with a leading system supplier to develop the AIM/CAC combination, with DSM providing extensive development and processing support. Read More

PE Blog

Is Thermoplastic RTM Close to Commercial?

PE June Blog For over 10 years R&D has gone on among European car makers, machine builders, material suppliers and research institutes to adapt conventional resin transfer molding machines from thermosets to thermoplastics. Instead of pumping two-component epoxy or PU into a mold to cure, they pump thermoplastic monomer with catalyst and activators into the mold to polymerize in situ. The goal for thermoplastic RTM is to mass produce continuous-glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic parts for cars, which would have advantages over thermosets of being tougher, stronger, weldable, and recyclable. Read More

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Solvay exhibits comprehensive photovoltaic material portfolios under the sun at Intersolar North America

Solvay Photovoltaics Solvay Specialty Polymers highlighted its comprehensive portfolio of high-performance polymers for the solar power industry at the Intersolar North America exhibition July 8-10 in San Francisco. The company’s offering was recently expanded with the addition of two new film grades of Halar® ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) resin, which features a unique patented UV blocking technology that was purpose-designed for PV front sheet applications capable of meeting the industry’s 25-years' service life requirement. Read More

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Coming in July/August: "Expanding Plastics in Automotive"

July/August 2014 Markets: Automotive resins (engineering thermoplastics & thermosets), part design tools (CAD & software), primary equipment & tooling for fiber composites, blow molding machinery & tooling, failure analysis

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