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April 22, 2014
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DSM strengthens commitment to China with engineering plastics for Brighter Living

DSM at CHINAPLAS Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Material Sciences company, applies Bright Science to make people’s lives better, safer, easier and healthier. At Chinaplas 2014 (at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 23 to April 26) the company will be presenting sustainable and innovative solutions that address key global challenges (DSM is on booth N1D41). The solutions cover automotive, electrical & electronics, flexible food packaging, consumer goods, building & construction, and more. Read More

Conair presents PET-processing systems at Chinaplas

Conair at Chinaplas Equipment tailored to the requirements of PET processors in China is a the major focus on the Conair stand (Hall W4, Booth J41) at Chinaplas 2014 being held April 23 – 26 in Shanghai. The rotor revolves slowly and continuously through in-process, regeneration and cooling cycles. This design ensures rock steady temperature and dew point control. The rotor technology produces low-dew-point air within minutes of start-up, and the dryer’s reduced structural mass requires less heat energy (up to 40% less) than twin-tower dryers. The dryer is ideally suited to the precision drying required for production of quality PET preforms, film and sheet. Read More

NVision Saves Misfit Industries Time and Money in Design of Custom Harley Parts

NVision Harley Davidson NVision, Inc. helped Misfit Industries save considerable time and money bringing its new line of Harley Davidson custom parts to market. Misfit recently converted many of its parts from composites to aluminum and steel in order to reduce labor costs and production leadtime. NVision’s scanning and CAD modeling services helped Misfit reverse-engineer the previous generation parts, factory parts, and sections of the motorcycles that interface with the parts. The resulting computer aided design (CAD) models were then provided to the die maker, substantially compressing the design cycle. The process also ensured that each custom part interfaced seamlessly with previous and new generation Harley models. Read More

Wittmann Battenfeld Launches New App, WiBa Connect!

WiBa Connect! Wittmann Battenfeld Inc. has launched a new customer support app called WiBa Connect!, to help facilitate easier, faster communication with its customers. The app is available now in both Apple iOS and Android markets. "Let's face it, there exists a growing population of Wittmann Battenfeld equipment users (Robots, Material Handling and Auxiliaries, Injection Molding Machines) who would rather text or email for requested support than pick up a phone," said Dave Preusse, President of Wittmann Battenfeld USA. "Our American work pace is intense. The days have passed when a professional looked to his desk phone messages for priorities. Often times, people read text, then email, then phone messages, although emails have gotten out of control as well, and many report they just can't keep up." Read More

PE Blog

Meet the Future!

PE March Blog Three New Technology Forums at the Society of Plastics Engineers’ ANTEC 2014 technical conference in Las Vegas, April 28-30, focus on cutting edge developments in packaging, medical and 3-D manufacturing areas with applications ranging from outer space to inner body. At each forum a slate of around a half dozen experts in the field present emerging R&D, technical issues, and opportunities for commercialization. Read More

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Breakthrough PET catalyst technology from Catalytic Technologies Ltd achieves market success

Catalytic Technologies Ltd PET catalyst New titanium catalyst technology for the industrial production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester is now being adopted around the globe as PET manufacturers and processors seek to eliminate the use of the heavy metal catalyst antimony oxide. The technology was developed by Catalytic Technologies Ltd (CTL), a company established in late 2010. To date the company has invested over GBP 1M on research and development and in 2013 it launched its patent pending UP-Technology platform which exhibits performance unlike any other PET catalyst. UP is a catalyst technology platform that allows CTL to produce catalysts with unique chemical composition and that eliminates undesired side reactions in this application. Read More

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