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March 13, 2014
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CRYSTEX QC: An innovative approach to soluble fraction determination in PP

Polymer Char CRYSTEX QC Designed and manufactured by Polymer Char, CRYSTEX® QC is an innovative approach designed for soluble fraction determination in quality control laboratories at Polypropylene manufacturing plants. The analysis of the amorphous fraction in polypropylene is considered a fundamental parameter in the production of the resins; among others, it provides a measurement of the rubber content incorporated when producing high impact copolymers, which has significant influence on the polymer properties and processing. The amorphous fraction is required for certain production applications, such as in the case of high-impact polypropylene copolymer resins. Read More

NewAge Industries celebrates its 60th anniversary

NewAge Industries Much has changed since 1954 when founder Raymond Baker, a young salesman-turned-entrepreneur, purchased a small company that produced and sold metal hardness testing instruments. Although Baker was successful in the testing equipment industry, he came across a completely different item that he liked and believed would sell well. He started a second product line with that item, Nylobrade® PVC hose, and it continues to be one of NewAge Industries’ top-selling products. Read More

Araldite adhesives provide added resilience for Norma Auto Concept prototype sports car rear wing

Norma Auto Concept Engineering Araldite® adhesives from Huntsman Advanced Materials have been selected by Norma Auto Concept Engineering to bond the components of a rear wing for a prototype sports car. Norma Auto Concept Engineering manufactures prototype vehicles for a range of racing, endurance and hill climb sports. The company has designed prototypes that have participated in a range of international automotive racing fixtures such as the 24 Hours of Daytona, 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. Read More

F-Clean Films transmit more light to crops than any other greenhouse covering material

F-Clean films With the cost of fuel, fertilizer and other materials continually on the rise, growers of flowers, plants and produce must always be looking for ways to increase yields and remain viable in the market. Those who use greenhouses can gain a competitive advantage by specifying F-Clean® films (membranes) from AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. for their structures. F-Clean ETFE films provide more than 93 percent light transmittance and the highest UV transmission – more than glass, polyethylene or polycarbonate – which helps speed crop growth, improve quality and increase yield. Read More

PE Blog

Eco Friendlier

PE January Blog News at GPEC 2014 (Global Plastics Environmental Conference), on March 12-14 in Orlando, FL, by the Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers, includes a new lignin-rich degradable filler, a process potentially for food-contact PPC, plus new ways to recycle some of the toughest plastic scrap. GPEC runs back-to-back in the same location with the Plastics Recycling Conference 2014, on March 11-12 by Resource Recycling Magazine, Portland, OR, which brought an astonishing 150-plus exhibitors in addition to its program. Read More

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TruTag Technologies' covert invisible barcodes named 2014 Edison Award Finalist

TruTag covert invisible barcodes TruTag Technologies, Hawaii-based innovator of an edible security platform that addresses the trillion-dollar global counterfeit problem, has been named a 2014 Edison Award Finalist. TruTag microtags ("TruTags®") are inert, edible, and can integrate into the very fabric of a product without packaging or labels – much like fingerprints on a human being – for the authentication of food, drugs, electronics, consumer products, and industrial components. Moreover, millions of optical patterns can be embedded into a TruTag, a dust-sized particle smaller than the width of a human hair. The TruTag security platform will help prevent counterfeiting, enhance the safety of food and medicine, improve tracking and logistics, assure product quality, and enable the Internet of Things. Read More

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