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    EcoSystems, IoT & the Future of Product Design
    Cool IDEAs - 2016 Design Award Winners
    How to Use Ribs Correctly in Part Design
    Material Challenges in 3D Printing
    Toy Story - Resin Trends in Toddler Land
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Conformal cooling channels in injection molds have been built by additive manufacturing, or 3-D printing, developmentally since the late 1990s using successive thin layers of metal. Unlike conventional straight drilled cooling lines, conformal cooling channels curve around deep shapes in a mold, equidistant from the mold surface, which is the source of heat. They can only be built by additive manufacturing and are designed with cooling line requirements secondary only to part and parting line requirements, unlike traditional drilled cooling lines which are located where space is available late in the design process.


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TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials

  • Turning Off-Spec into In-Spec




TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials manufactures the highest capacity bulk sorting platforms available for the virgin plastics industry, achieving high resolution detection with high efficiency while maintaining a superior yield. Read more.


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