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    Protective Packaging is Putting Up Barriers
    In-Mold Labeling in Injection Molding...and Thermoforming
    Process Wars
    Fixing Infrastructure with Plastics Pipes
    What Do Millennials Want?
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A new two-stage catalytic process from NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, MN (, the world’s largest producer of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer, takes an unusual mixed lactic acid feed stream, invented at Nagoya University in Japan (, and makes it into semi-crystalline PLA block copolymers. The new copolymers, which are still in R&D, could potentially offer substantially higher melt temperatures than PLA homopolymer.


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TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials

  • Turning Off-Spec into In-Spec




TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials manufactures the highest capacity bulk sorting platforms available for the virgin plastics industry, achieving high resolution detection with high efficiency while maintaining a superior yield. Read more.


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Markets: Injection molds and tooling, rotational molding (primary equipment, control/monitoring, tooling, resins), research centers & services, primary compounding equipment (extruders, pelletizers) and auxiliaries (blending and feeding, materials handling, quality control)

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